Chapter 212

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Delicious without being wasteful is the motto!
After that, the talk about the bacon business has been settled in the blink of an eye and several days later, Galvano Ojisama’s special bacon branding iron arrived, and he also expanded the smokehouse.
Ojisama is quick at work, isn’t he!?
Even though I’m still in the middle of training the workers…

We have a mountain of Orc meat, so we switch between the smoking ingredients to affirm the difference in flavor.
There were quite a lot of differences, so all of the workers “Smoked food, it’s surprisingly deep, isn’t it…!” tackled it earnestly. If they are like this, then I can feel relieved and entrust it to them. When it gets even a little colder, we will be able to officially start running trials for cold-smoked Sharkens and dry-cured ham.

Though the method will be kept secret for a while and it will be made at the Ellisfeed House, preparing a separate plot of land for the smoked food workshop is on the track.

Hmmm, the story of me leaving and becoming independent is becoming stronger…

Oh well.
There’s nothing better than getting my hands on something enjoyable and delicious.
I will have plenty of time to find and make other delicious things.


“… that being the case, this is the experimental smoked food… a dish made with bacon, pot-au-feu.”

The place is the Bastea Company’s building, the room where Sei currently stays.

“Hee… this is yummy. It has recently gotten way too cold, so I’m thankful for something this warm.”

Sei said happily while eating the pot-au-feu.

“Really… I can properly feel the deliciousness of the vegetables and bacon… this warmth… waan… it gives a sense of security as if being gently embraced…”

Suzaku-sama… I, I wonder about that…? It makes the body pleasantly warm, so did she mean to express that…?
Err, it’s fine to comment it normally, you know? … Rather, please comment normally! If not, I will be too scared to take out the Carbonara…

“Yeah! This is nice! Seconds!”

Byakko-sama gulped it all down while withstanding the heat and demanded seconds.

“As expected, Ojou’s meals are delicious.”

If you say that so earnestly, I won’t be able not to give you a larger serving! Geez!

“… N.”
“Seconds for us as well.”

Just when I thought that Genbu-sama and Seiryou-sama were eating in silence… everyone eats quite well, don’t they…

“… This, want to eat in a lump. Fry.”

Whoopsy there, Genbu-sama… looks like he wasn’t satisfied with the size of the bacon in the pot-au-feu.
Bacon certainly has a different deliciousness when pan-fried.

I would like you to give it a try by all means!
I took out a block of bacon and cookware from my Inventory.


“… Haa, that was good.”
“Fufu, I’m glad you liked it.”

I served everyone green tea after the meal.

As for me, I have stored most of the tea leaves and ingredients I received in my Inventory. Therefore, the tea leaves will always stay in their best condition, but the tea leaves in Sei’s room have aged a bit.

It was unexpected that they didn’t have good tea leaves, but Sei told me that “Leaves in a good state are sold at the company and guests, so freeloaders like us are fine with these”.
Indeed, the green tea I got was of good quality.
Hmm, they don’t like being wasteful, perhaps?

That is a good thing, but since I would like to drink deliciously, I roasted the tea leaves and served it.

“… It’s fragrant and tasty. I should be saying, as expected of you for being able to make aged tea leaves this deliciously. Thank you, it was great.”
“You are welcome.”

I may have my past life’s memories, but I’m also someone who doesn’t like being wasteful.

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