Chapter 4

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That was… that, right?
… I remember.
That’s right. Eating that revived the memories of my past life.

That was without a doubt food exceedingly close to that from my past life.


That shape, that aromatic sauce… it was still unrefined, but it was certainly takoyaki.

Huh… Okpal, was it?… After I finished eating, the restlessly worrying Miria brought the unsteady me back and I got a high fever afterward.

Ahh… it was so good… to think I was eating takoyaki… and to think I would recall my past life because of that…
Did I really want to eat takoyaki that much on the verge of death?… Weren’t I too much of a glutton…??
O, oh well! Delicious is justice!!!

I want to eat it again… I have to plead Otousama to let me go into town again.

Entranced by the taste of Okpal, I waited for a favorable chance to plead.


“Of course you can’t.”

When I pleaded to Otousama during the dinner, I got refused in a flash. That can’t be.
Otousama instantly rejected me, who although has a bit squishy belly, has been reborn as a beauty (lol) compared to my past life, while I was pleading him at full throttle with puppy eyes and my head slightly tilted to the side, even though I have been practicing in a mirror until a while ago…?

“It’s as Otousama said, Cristea. What would we do if you collapsed again?”

Okaasama got on it too. Ku… I thought they would say that. I was sure they were going to consider the “Going to the town = frolicking until fever” schema, so I made such a plan against Otousama.

However! I won’t! Give up!!
That Okpal… in order to eat takoyaki!!
And then, if there’s a chance, I will get to hear the ingredients from that boy (or his employer)…! Sauce…. that rich aroma… for that, I will raise all efforts of the Ellisfeed House (mainly Otousama’s) to gather the best ingredients!
Recipe… I can probably make it from the memories of my past life so I think it will be fine, but ingredients unique to this world might have been used, so I would like to properly inquire about the cooking method. Right! I also have to get a takoyaki plate and picks! I wonder if it could be done if I pleaded with the dwarf Ojisama Otousama is close with…
F, first of all, for the sake of eating takoyaki again! I will! Thrust in with all my might!


Tears welled up in my eyes as I stared at him.

“… ! No matter how adorable Cristea is, this time’s request is no good. Did you not understand that it’s dangerous to go outside?”

Otousama’s feelings didn’t change even after the teary-eyed attack of his beloved daughter.

“Dangerous… I only got a fever because I was enjoying myself too much this time.”

For the teary-eyed attack to not work, formidable.

“Cristea, be reasonable. In the first place, you can’t be sure that the fever was only because you were too much high-spirited, right? I’ve heard from Miria, but you ate food from a street stall, didn’t you? I heard your condition got strange after that.”

Okaasama, in a sense, that’s correct.

“Miria tasted it herself for poison and said it was delicious, but is it possible that something strange was just inside the ones you ate…!”

So exaggerated.
Otousama then made a terrible remark in order to soothe Okaasama who was frowning.

“Well, well… that’s why we arrested the person of that stall and are currently interrogating him.”
“Arrested… eh, ehhhhhーーー!!!?”

What have you done, Otousamaaaaaーーー!!!!

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