Chapter 52

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I’m tired of the consecutive shocks…
“Eh… umm, that’s… what to say… please forgive me for my repeated rudeness…”
“I said before that Cristea-dono is my friend. You didn’t do anything rude to me.”

Wooow… O-Sei-cha… kun, what a handsome man~!

“It’s just, well… I don’t think peeping is good.”
“I wasn’t trying to peek-!”

You were just coincidentally changing clothes when I warped overmon! … Although I say that, it’s the truth that I ended up stealing a glance… uu… it’s scandalous for a lady to be peeking at a man changing before her marriage.

“I’m just joking. I was hiding my identity and playing a character.”

Sei-kun said so while laughing kukku, but…

“I think it’s much worse for Sei-sama to be hiding his gender though. It can’t be helped because you have your circumstances, but even though I may appear this way, I’m still a duke’s daughter, you know? A man frequently visiting is not good for an unmarried lady’s reputation.”

That’s why I was practically saved by Sei-kun being dressed as a girl. As I currently have no fiancé, it would be extremely bad for my reputation if I associated with a man too much, it wouldn’t be strange for the man to be recognized as my fiancé either.

“I told you Sei is fine, didn’t I? … You are right, it’s bad for your reputation. I thought so as well, but I quite couldn’t speak out my mind… I thought of telling you sooner since you would have found out when I entered the academy anyway, but…”

I’m sorry, Sei-kun… no, Sei apologized.

“Will you be my friend even after this…?”

Ugh…! Don’t look at me with the eyes of an abandoned puppy…!

“O, of course! I’m Sei’s first friend in this country after all!”

I was moved by affection…

“Thank you… I’m glad.”

Sei who smiled in relief was awfully adorable just like when he was acting as O-Sei-chan.

He must have wanted to talk about the Dragon Deity and four divine beasts to someone. Of course, I understand. I won’t spill out a friend’s secret!

“Which reminds me, in order for our friendship to continue, please keep visiting our home as ‘Ojousama’ okay?”

I won’t yield there no matter what. It could turn out really badly if Otousama found out about this.

“Is that no good after all…”

Uu… Sei frowned in displeasure.

“That’s correct. If possible, at least until the academy…”

Well, he’s otokonoko after all, it can’t be helped that he doesn’t want to keep wearing female clothing…

“I can’t eat my fill in those clothes…”

It’s because of food-!?

“In that case, if you are fine with my clothes, I could lend you an easy-to-move-in dress?”

fufu, he’ll be just like a dress-up doll!

“No, I will refrain from that.”

Sei shakes his head from side to side.
He can somehow tolerate kimonos, but it seems he has resistance for Doristan clothes.
Eh~? Aren’t both female clothing… how unfortunate.

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