Chapter 161

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I will have to go to the sea again, huh?
After the dinner, it was the time to eat for Mashiro and others. I’m sorry for always making you wait.

“The fish taste good, no?”
“Umu, this is quite…”

The seafood Donburi seems to be popular with Mashiro and Kurogane who turned into their human forms. It appears that Mashiro prefers red flesh fish while Kurogane prefers white flesh fish.

Kurogane seems to like urchins too, but it makes him want to drink, so I made sure to not feed him too much.
Hmm, if I only found about the Yahatul alcohol from Galvano Ojisama earlier… no, no, let’s leave the fun for the next time.
At least wine… is what I thought, but Okaasama won’t let me have a taste, so it’s difficult to recommend. They have both white and red ones, but it has to match the fishiness. I will have to let Galvano Ojisama taste the urchins and hear what he has to recommend. For the time being, I will acquire Yahatul alcohol. By all means necessary.

They are probably thinking that a child like me has nothing to do with alcohol… I don’t want to drink, what I want is an alcohol for cooking!

In this world, there’s no concept of using alcohol for cooking, so they were really startled when I used red wine for things like Bighorn Bull hodgepodge or flambé.
The flames that appeared during the flambé caused a huge ruckus…

I was told “So even Ojou has times she fails, huh” by Shin, so I had to inform everyone that this was a form of cooking. Well after that, flambé was really popular in the kitchen for a period of time…
At the worst times, they tried to flambé fried eggs, so I was troubled over what to do…

W, well, leaving that aside.
Let’s go purchase some Yahatul alcohol at the Bastea Company tomorrow.
In addition, let’s ask about something like high-quality charcoal. It would be nice if they had an earthen brazier too…

“Heey, listen! Give me a little bit more.”

Kaguya clapped at my leg while saying such.

“Oh my? You didn’t have enough?”

Unlike Mashiro’s and Kurogane’s constantly different size, Kaguya who doesn’t eat much because of her stable size unusually demanded seconds.

“I thought I might as well eat a little bit more. Now, quickly take it out!”

Clap, clap, clap!

“Even if you say that… don’t overeat yourself just like the first time so you don’t become sick, okay?”
“S, shut it, alright! I will be fine!”
“I wonder about that? Here you go.”

In the past, she was forced by the feeling of being a black leopard and ate her fill until she wasn’t able to move. Though she learned the habit of eating to the fullest in the wild, she has recently not missed a meal, so she’s been learning to eat at proper amounts.
Still, she has a tendency to overeat from the things she likes, so I will have to be careful.

“Haa… this is good. I thought I wouldn’t be able to eat this since the time I almost perished at the sea…”

Ah! I see… because of her sea trauma, she wasn’t able to eat sea fish.
She’s eating fish after a long time, so she probably wants to eat a little bit more?

“From now on, I will let you eat sea fish regularly, alright?”
“… Hmph. I don’t mind tagging along the next time.”

As long as we don’t enter the sea, she said while averting her gaze to the side.
Even though she just has to say if she wants to visit the sea. So dishonest.

“Yeah. I would like it if Kaguya tagged along the next time.”

When I caressed Kaguya while grinning, her tail shot straight up. Ehehe.

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