Chapter 160

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Actual sampling of the seafood.
“… Raw fish, you say?”
“Yes, this is a bowl which contains fresh marine products.”

Otousama’s and Okaasama’s faces slightly cramped in front of the seafood Donburi at the dinner table. They made such faces after all…

Shin obstinately refuses because of his adventurer acquaintance who had a terrible time after eating a raw egg, but he doesn’t refuse anything else I make.
He came to understand that he can many delicious things that way…

Otousama and Okaasama have never eaten raw fish until now, so they are hesitating.
Well, they would be afraid of the parasites…

Of course, all of the fish here have been checked with Kurogane’s appraisal skill.

“Otousama, Okaasama? Have I ever recommended you something that would bring you harm?”

I asked while smiling.

“N, no… there were some strange things, but nothing that would bring harm.”

N? I feel like I heard a slightly mixed up statement, but…? O, oh well. Let’s continue the pursuit.

“See? Isn’t it like that? It will be fine. It’s very yummy after all. Okay? I would like Otousama to eat this by all means…”

I look at Otousama with the surekill puppy eyes I learned from Seiren-kun.

“… I will give it a try.”

Alriiight! … Whoops, not good.
This is why my femininity levels are so low, isn’t it…

Ohohohoho, I’m glad desu wa.
I was able to pursue Otousama to give it a try. Ohohohohohoho… this is impossible in many ways.

Okaasama fundamentally follows when Otousama eats deliciously, so the conversation will advance more easily if Otousama takes the initiative to eat.


“If you’d like, please try eating it with just a little bit of soy sauce. Be careful that you don’t pour too much, okay?”

Ahh… how deplorable that I have no wasabi. I might be able to find something like a Seiyou wasabi… horseradish, so I will have to look for it the next time.

Gulp, just when I gulped, Otousama reached with his chopsticks into the bowl.
After that, he must have been preparing as his hand didn’t move for a while, then he swiftly brought it into his mouth.

Otousama chewed with his eyes tightly closed.
That expression is, hmm? It suddenly changed and he stared at the Donburi with his eyes open wide.

“… It’s delicious…”

Alriiiiiiight! … Ha! Not good, femininity, femininity…

“… I can naturally feel the fishiness, but… it’s not unpleasant. Rather, it’s a part of the good flavor…”

It was easy from there.

Seeing Otousama eat with vigor, Okaasama gave it a try as well and she seemed to have liked it as she increased her eating speed to a degree it wouldn’t become improper.

Yeah, yeah. I was able to capture them with fresh fish! It would be nice if this could serve as a foothold for making them eat more raw dishes.

… And someday, the Tamago Kake Gohan too.
At the moment, I will enjoy it in loneliness…

I prepared a miso soup made from dashi with white flesh fish in addition to the Donburi, but this also had a different taste from the usual! And was received well.

Unexpectedly, Okaasama has fallen to the sea urchin.
She seemed to like its rich flavor.
I would like to eat this a lots! Is what she said, so when I told her I will come up with a Donburi with plenty of urchins, a very joyful expression floated on her face. And when I told her that I don’t have enough urchins for it yet… she was clearly dejected.
… You like it that much, huh…

Sea urchins, Ikura, the desire to eat delicious things to one’s heart’s content is same in every world, huh…

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