Chapter 7

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Personal cook with commoner’s taste obtained!
After that, I persuaded Otousama and Okaasama by all possible means, somehow managed to invite the leaving boy and so he became a cook of our Ellisfeed House (an underling because he’s a newcomer though). Alright!
Yep, he will become my personal cook with commoner’s taste, right?! He has no choice, right?!
I really worked hard! I have persuaded both of my parents with never before shown enthusiasm!
I want to praise myself who worked hard.
Umu, I have worked hard! I praise you!

Turn that enthusiasm towards studying as well, okay? I was told such by both Okaasama and Miria though… rather, because of the bargaining, my studies increased. Uguu.
Fufu… let’s resign and accept all the scolding.
The present me is in a very good mood after all!


The boy’s name is Shin Kaidou.
If written in kanji it would be 海堂 真? I don’t know whether kanji exist in that country though.

Although I call him “boy” because of my past memories, he’s actually older than me by eight years as he’s sixteen, he’s even older than Miria by a year.
Well, I must admit, they did say that oriental people seem young quite often in my previous life… I wonder if it’s the same in this world? He is quite tall, but because he seemed so frail, I thought he was about twelve before I heard his age.
Between you and me, our reaction was an uniform「Eh…」, so Shin was feeling a bit down.


The next day, the Okpal… takoyaki he presented was greatly popular. Fufufu.
Of course! They are delicious, aren’t they! I’m happy that I could eat them again♪
Otousama and Okaasama stuffed their mouths with the piping heat too and they ate deliciously even though their eyes were darting all around. I think of treating Oniisama who is living in the academy once he returns.


When I asked Shin about the cooking method, it was roughly the same as in my past life.
Although the names of the ingredients weren’t familiar to me, they probably are nearly the same thing. I have to learn more from now on! My dream is spreading. (ecstatic)
And, Okpal’s main ingredient is an octopus-like being called Oksea. When its legs swayed when placed in hot water, that was very similar. When Miria saw the Oksea, T, to think I ate something like that so deliciously…! she nearly fainted, but I know that once the Okpal was cooked, Food has no sins, right? she was reciting while stuffing her cheeks.

According to Shin, because Oksea’s appearances are so grotesque, there are not many people who eat it. In fact, even though it’s delicious, it’s treated inferior to fish, so its cost has been considerably held down and that’s why he decided to sell Okpal. I see.

I was making it in the past (previous life) and my hands are itching, so I want to try it~! threw an ultimatum and forcibly made him let me cook. I was praised for my splendid handling and fast and skillful molding. Well, of course, I’m experienced, you know? It’s my first time in this world though! Molding balls is easy once you get the hang of it! The wrist’s snap is the point! Just kidding.

I said that it would be perfect for parties because of its round cute shape and delicious taste, but it would be troublesome if there were people like Miria who knew the ingredients and fainted, so I changed the shape into pancakes, and it was greatly accepted when presented as a snack, so it was decided to present it on the next party. Ahem.

Alright, I will now drag Shin who is in charge of the commoner’s taste of the Eastern Island and improve my eating habits!
Ah~ I look forward to it!

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