Chapter 172

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Let’s prepare for the winter! Part 2
“Now then… let’s start smoking next.”
“It’s cooking food with smoke. By doing so, the food will become deliciously fragrant and it’s also good preservation method.”

I’m thinking of making bacon this time. Using the orc meat I had pickled in salt and left in a cold room a week ago which I then moved to a well-ventilated place before shredding the Kyabett. Then, I will smoke the soft-boiled eggs I left to soak in the soy sauce dashi after letting them dry.

Would warm smoking that heats up at a medium temperature be good this time?
Cheese and nuts are suitable for hot smoking which is done at high temperatures, but the main dish is the bacon today after all. I would like to challenge the low temperature, long time cold smoking for the pseudo-salmon when it becomes winter.

In my past life, I would make use of a cardboard box, 100 Yen bowl or strainer for a simple homemade smoker box, and smoke the food on the kitchen’s balcony.
I thought of wanting to buy an actual smoker box one day, but to be that professional… I thought twice and it now became good memories.

I had no homemade smoker box this time… so I made it with Earth magic. Ehehe.
Smoker box… rather, a little smokehouse? Furnace? It’s a little… no, considerably larger than a smoker box.
First, I made an experimental one, as I intend to start mass-producing the real thing if Otousama gives his permission.

I placed the smoking chips I made from an apple-like tree I have broken into small piece with wind magic on an iron plate and heat it up from below. If I want to start real smoking, I will have to search for an ideal tree. Bacon is cut for cherry blossom or hickory, so I will have to either search for a similar tree or I will have to order a cherry blossom that has withered while standing from Yahatul.

I hung the orc meat at the top and put the eggs under.
Then, I tried smoking the salt.

I simply put it on the part of the smoker, opened a hole in an iron plate and heated it up in one go with Fire magic. When the smoke started coming out of the chips due to the heat, I waited for the timing to take it out while watching the heating power weaken.

“… Is it all right to leave it unattended in that smoke?”
“You are prone to worrying, Shin. This will make it delicious, so just watch.”


During the process, I took out the eggs with warp magic and when about four hours passed, I removed the lid and confirmed the situation inside.
I took out the bacon that changed to yellowish-brown due to the smoking.

“… It smells burnt… did you fail?”
“No need to worry. Isn’t that fragrance good?”

The proof is in the eating. Nothing can start unless I let people eat it!

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