Chapter 542.1

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I hate it!

Mashiro and Kurogane’s awareness of me and their possessiveness of me made me indignant, and I heard Alicia-sama scream from behind me.
I turned around in a panic to see if another monsters had appeared, but I saw a rather small snake at Alicia-sama’s feet.

“Ah… ahh.”

Alicia-sama seemed to be so frightened that she couldn’t move.
Is that perhaps… a venomous snake!?
As Mariel and I stood there, not knowing what to do, Adry-sama picked up a nearby branch, strode over to Alicia-sama, scooped up the snake with the branch, and threw it behind a bush.
We were stunned at the natural flow of the situation, but Adry-sama looked at Alicia-sama dumbfounded.

“What the hell, Alie. That one wasn’t venomous, it was the gentle kind, you know? Weren’t you fine with those in the past?”

I was relieved to hear Adry-sama’s words, as it seemed to be a non-venomous species.

However, Alicia-sama glared at Adry-sama with teary eyes.

“Of course, I am not fine with it!? Rather, I hate it!”
“Haah!? How come?”
“I, isn’t it because you have been catching frogs and snakes for so long and bringing them to me!? I can’t help but hate them!”
“Ehh!? Even though I went out of my way to show you because I caught big, cool ones!”
“Far from only showing them to me, of course I would come to hate them when you placed them in my hands or on top of my head!?”
“Eh!? I thought you were having a good time because you kept still when I placed them on you…”
“There’s no such thing!? I just couldn’t move because of fear!”

I see… Adry-sama, that’s not good…!

He probably thought he was showing her his treasures and letting her touch them, but from Alicia-sama’s point of view, it was a terrible disaster coming.
I was fine with touching them in my past life if they were non-toxic, but I have never actually kept one, and I think I would be bitter if I had that kind of experience as a child!?

“… Adry, not everyone likes snakes and frogs, and if anything, a lot of people don’t like them. Apologize to Miss Alicia.”

Sei put his hand on Adry-sama’s shoulder as he shook his head.

“Ehh… but they were the super cool ones I decided to keep, you know?”
Adry-sama looked at Sei and us with unbelievable expression, so Mariel-chan and I shook our heads just like Sei.

“T, that can’t be… ow!?”

Hector-sama grabbed Adry-sama’s despondent head from behind.

“You little… what did you do to a lady!? Apologize right now!”

Hector-sama pushed Adry-sama’s head down.
Ehhh, is this safe for him to do, since Adry-sama’s family status is higher!?

“That hurts, Hector Nii! I, it can’t be helped, since I didn’t know! I thought she was delighted…”
“As a Knight, you should protect and care for ladies. Didn’t Commander teach you that! How dare you terrorize a little lady!”
“H, he did, but… as I said, I was just showing her my treasures…”
“Adry, you need to understand that ladies are more dainty in nature than men. Anyhow, I think you should apologize right now for everything you have done.”

Oniisama adviced him with a chilling smile.

“… Besides that, if you did that to Cristea, I wouldn’t forgive you.”
“Hii… I, I’m sorry!”

Adry-sama noticed that the air around Oniisama turned chilly after he muttered a few words to him, and he bowed his head and apologized.
… Why is Hector-sama also bowing his head to Oniisama?

“… I’m not the one you should be apologizing to, right? Start over. Of course, with sincerity.”
“Y, yes!”

Adry-sama raised his head and turned to Alicia-sama with a serious expression on his face.

“Alie, even though I didn’t know, I’m sorry. I… thought you were happy, just like me. I didn’t mean to scare you… I’m so sorry.”

As he apologized, Adry-sama looked like a doggie whose ears and tail had fallen back after being scolded.

“Adry-sama is totally the doggy type… uguh.”

I quickly poked Mariel-chan with my elbow as she blurted it out.
I generally agree with what you are saying, but it’s still inappropriate, okay!?

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