Chapter 103

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I will introduce you, okay!
“Since that has been decided, quickly go to sleep. I won’t allow you to go out with lack of sleep, alright?”
“Yes! Goodnight, Otousama!”

Cristea dispelled the barrier and brought Mashiro and Kurogane who returned to their former appearances to her room.

“Father! Are you really okay with that!?”

Norman who wasn’t convinced pressed for an answer.

“Good or bad… if I didn’t give her permission after all that, she would warp there on her own. In that case, giving her permission with some restrictions is far better.”
“… That is, it might be so, but…”
“Cristea might be reckless, but she won’t thoughtlessly walk into a dangerous place by herself. We can only believe in her.”

Norman made an expression that said that he didn’t want to accept it even though he understood.

“Besides, you are just sulking because you can’t go with her, right?”

When he said that while grinning, Norman’s face turned red.

“…! … I was thinking of resting soon too. Goodnight. Thank you very much for making time for us today.”

Norman’s father smiled wryly while watching Norman leaving at a quick pace.


Haa… today was an intense day…
Cristea who struggled on to her room feeling completely exhausted, promptly called Miria.

“Cristea-sama, sorry to keep you wai… kya!”

When Mashiro and Kurogane entered her sight, she completely froze in place.
Ah… I see. Kurogane looks like a wolf. That indeed would be a scary sight… although, she would faint if he was in his original appearances… I will have her get used to Kurogane’s current appearances first.

“Miria, I need to talk to you. Can you hear me? These children are safe, so come here.”
“Y… yes.”

Miria entered the room while feeling frightened.
Barrier magic… Oniisama would come flying again, so let’s do soundproofing only.

“Erm… let me introduce you. These children are my contracted beasts. Sacred Beasts Holy Bear Mashiro and Fenrir Kurogane.”
“Ehh!? Sacred Beasts!!?”
“Mashiro, Kurogane, this is Miria. My personal maid.”
“Miria, huh. Best regards.”
“Y… yes… me to… o…? Eh? Ehh?”

Ah, I see. She doesn’t know about telepathy…

“Miria, the two just greeted you.”
“…! I can talk with Sacred Beasts!?”

Ah, Miria’s eyes are sparkling… that’s right isn’t it, talking with animals is like an experience straight from a fantasy, isn’t it? I have been numb to it after meeting Sei and others…

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