Chapter 17

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Magic studies time. Part 2
“Hmmm… let’s see… in order to learn space magic, one has to understand a thing called subspace first. Those with aptitude can use space magic without being conscious of the subspace. Those kinds of people seem to have more space capacity. Although it also depends on one’s amount of magical power… now then, subspace is…”

Teacher Marlen begins explaining about space magic while stroking his long beard. Ah, this one will become a long talk… is what I thought, but it was already too late. I had no choice but to receive the lecture with half of my consciousness far away.

Hmm, hmm, subspace, huh…
The image of the space magic I have is one of a certain cat model robot that came from the future, the you-know-pocket… didn’t that thing have unlimited storing power?

Reminded of the certain pocket, I muttered imitating the certain robot’s voice.

“Erm… inventory~!”

Just kidding. That was yelled while retrieving a tool, wasn’t it? First is putting things away, right! My blunder, my blunder! … While thinking such, the moment I touched the nearby bench, it abruptly disappeared.


The two of us were dumbfounded.

Eh!? What was that just now? Did I do it??
Where did it go?
Ah!!! Crap!
Even though that bench was made by Okaasama’s favorite furniture craftsman…!
It’s not like it got blown somewhere far away or broke into small pieces without leaving any traces, right??
As I have previous offenses, my face quickly turned white.

“Umm… Teacher Marlen? … Was I the one who did that just now…? That now… it was space magic, right? Right? This, how do I return it back?”

The dumbfounded Teacher Marlen came to his senses thanks to my nervous inquiring and told me to calm down.

“You girl, calm down. Miss Cristea, if you have understood my explanation of the subspace’s image, then taking it out of there would be simple, right?”

Ah! I see~ … well then, the image of taking it out from a certain pocket…

“… there, I did it!”

The bench which disappeared has appeared once again. I’m glad~!
It’s facing different side than before, but… oh well, someone will return it back later.
N? Huh? This is…

I touch it again. It disappears. I take it out.


Eh? Did I perhaps acquired an inventory?? Seriously? What kind of cheat is this?! Is it really okay to learn it this simply!?

“… I hope you can continue doing your best like this… let’s end the lesson here today…”
“Y, yes… thank you very much.”

I feel like it was just my imagination that Teacher Marlen left greatly perplexed… or not…

I have learned that imagination is important for this world’s magic, but… is this fine like this?! Is it?!
If magic was transformed into otaku’s wild delusional power, wouldn’t he become peerless or the strongest, or rather why I feel like he would turn the most wicked…?
Would it be safe depending on the amount of magical power…?
A, anyhow, I should practice in order to increase my magical power… I want to strengthen the space magic… of course, for the food emergency reserve’s sake!

Cristea’s sight was blurred.

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