Chapter 18

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Suspicious behavior. Part 1
“Hey, Shin. Can I ask you something?”
“What’s the matter? Miria. If it’s Ojousama then she went somewhere just a little bit ago? Seems like you passed each other.”

I tell Miria who unusually came to the kitchen about Cristea’s absence.

“Ah, she came here as I thought then… seriously, that Cristea-sama, even though it’s the time for her manners studies…”

Seeing Miria who quietly muttering I will scold her later. I should have grabbed her by the nape of her neck and brought her to Miria… I felt really sorry.

“I’m sorry about that… I will catch her if I happen to see her later.”
“Oh my… no. It’s not Shin’s fault. Rather, it’s Cristea-sama who is disturbing you at work, I’m sorry for that.”

The two who are comrades at not knowing how to deal with Cristea felt sympathetic for each other. In their minds, the two decided to firmly scold Cristea later. Cristea will suffer the consequences of her actions.

“Ahh, erm… it was about Cristea-sama’s whereabouts too, but in fact, there was something else I wanted to ask Shin.”
“…? What is it?”

While hesitating, Miria got straight to the point.

“Umm… Cristea-sama has been going completely missing recently every day. And when she returns, she’s accompanied by a weird smell…”

Recalling the smell of that time, Miria frowned.

“Weird smell… is it? I don’t notice anything like that when she comes to my place…”

When she was loitering around the kitchen just a while ago, she didn’t have any weird smell on her. I would understand as soon as the smell drifted to me and if she were like that she would be chased out of the kitchen.
Come to think of it, she’s always making something, and even though she was noisy while making it, it feels like she has been recently just loitering around and disappearing without a notice… suspicious. Truly suspicious.

“Is that… so? I’m worried that Cristea-sama might be guilty of something again…”

It appears that Miria and Shin had the same thoughts. Shin saw off the dejected Miria after encouraging her.

“Seriously… is that Ojousama doing something that would make her guilty again?”

Haa~… Shin returned to work after sighing.

“… Huh? The vegetable scraps I planned to make soup stock with are not here… did I carelessly threw them away?”

I have been recently too careless because of her, Shin started doing his next work while feeling puzzled.


“… Fuu. This should be enough for today.”

Cristea muttered as if completing a difficult task.

“… Yeah, looks like I can get to work soon.”

While laughing with a complacent smile and humming funfufu~n♪ she left the place with light steps.

Without being aware that she will get scolded by Miria and Shin for skipping her manners studies… it’s said again, but she’s going to suffer the consequences of her actions.

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