Chapter 135

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What did you come to deliver?
“I think Mashiro and Kurogane are enough to protect me, but… it was dangerous this time since you were caught by a surprise, right?”

Ugh, if you say that…

“Wouldn’t it be better to have this ready as a force in time of need?”

He raised Kaguya in the air. She has been rigid since a while ago. Kaguya?

“It wouldn’t be a punishment if I immediately gave her power, moreover, she has also not reflected upon it, right?”
“You are harsh Ojou, aren’t you?”


“… Byakko-sama’s time for reflection is short, so didn’t I learn by experience? … I absolutely have to convey this to Sei, don’t I?”

When I said so with reproachful eyes, Byakko-sama suddenly panicked.

“Daaa! You… don’t tell him unnecessary things, alright!?”
“I’m joking. Rather than that, what is the article you came to deliver?”

When I changed the subject and asked, he placed Kaguya down and retrieved a wooden box with a block of wood-like thing inside from his inventory.

“!!… This… this is!!!?”
“Yeah, your long-awaited katsuobushi. It came in today, so I thought of quickly delivering it to you.”

Byakko-sama said with a complacent smile.

As I thought! My long-cherished katsuobushi!! It’s even in the shaving container! Yaay~!

“Thank you very much!”

When I reached with my hands, he suddenly raised it up where it was out of my reach.

“I made the smart move and brought it to you since I thought you would want it right away, but?”

Ah~ yes, yes. Give me a reward, I know.

“Byakko-sama, you don’t have a blind spot, do you?”
“I won’t lose to you.”


For now, I handed him youkan and imoyoukan from the stock in my inventory.

“Oh? Youkan, huh! You did well obtai… making this?”
“Yes, I got agar the other day from the Baste Company, so I tried making various things.”
“You did well making it… even though you are pretty much a missy of nobility.”

Byakko-sama said such while gazing at the youkan, but it’s not “pretty much” as I am a duke’s daughter, though? Rude.
I have no qualities of a young noble lady, though.

“Well, we can eat many delicious things thanks to that.”
“If you say that, then it’s worthwhile making it.”

That’s why I will continue making it…

“… You just want to eat it yourself, don’t you?”
“… I won’t deny that.”

I wasn’t able to deny Byakko-sama’s tsukkomi.

Promising to let him eat something made from the katsuobushi next time, Byakko-sama returned by warping.

『Heyy! What was that!』

Kaguya who dashed out of the room the moment Byakko-sama placed her down finally returned and inquired from me.

“By that… you mean Byakko-sama?”
“That’s right! Why did that come here!? You won’t tell me that you have contracted that as well, will you!?”
“Byakko-sama is contracted with someone else, but… is something the matter?”

Come to think of it, she was considerably frightened a while ago.

“It’s not just something! Why did that scary thing come here!”
“Scary, you say… Byakko-sama is a tiger sacred beast, but as you saw, he’s quite a good-natured person?”
“That’s a divine beast, isn’t it!? If someone like me displeased him, wouldn’t he immediately devour me!”

That reminds me, Byakko-sama is a divine beast, isn’t he? Divine beasts should be existences revered in Yahatul.
I also attach -sama to his name someway or another after all…

Divine and Sacred beasts are jumbled together in Dorsitan, but Byakko-sama who is in the deity territory must be an object of a considerably fear for magic beasts like Kaguya…
I haven’t thought about this since her attitude towards Mashiro and Kurogane is normal.

“Sorry for startling you, okay? But, he’s a contracted beast of my friend, so I think he will visit more frequently from now on too…”
“Furthermore, there are three more divine beasts beside Byakko-sama, so.”
“Therefore, do your best and get used to it, okay?”
“Haaaaa!? There’s no way I can get used to that, is there-!?”

I thought so~

“Kaguya, noisy.”
“That’s right. Calm down a bit. That’s the way it is by Lord’s side, so you have no choice but to give up, you know?”
“Although unwillingly.”

Nn? You guys? What is it, this way of talking…

“… What place did I come to…”

Hey, hey, Kaguya-san?
Why are you despairing?
Our house should be the same as paradise, you know!?

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