Chapter 560.1

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Let’s apply!
After finishing most of the plum-related work and reaching a point where only the passage of time remained, it wasn’t long before we received a message through Otousama that Galvano Ojisama had completed “that item.”

“So, with that said, I’m thinking of going to the fief again this weekend. How’s everyone’s schedule?”

When asked during dinner, it seemed that no one had any plans in particular, so as before, we obtained permission for the weekend outing and made plans to head to our house as soon as classes were over.

If we were just receiving the cane, our household staff could have gone to Ojisama’s shop to pick it up, and then we could have had the package transferred via warping magic. However, since functional testing was necessary, Mariel-chan and Ruby had to go themselves.

Naturally, allowing Mariel-chan and the others to use our family’s warping room alone wasn’t an option, so Kurogane, Mashiro and I had to accompany them.

Sei seemed to have enjoyed his conversation about weapons with Galvano Ojisama, and he expressed his desire to come along if we were okay with it. Of course, we agreed.
… And so, it would be Byakko-sama and Suzaku-sama posing as our escorts as well… Yes, it’s the usual team!

I invited Oniisama as well, but he had to absent himself this time due to his role as the Crown Prince’s guard and attendant. He muttered something like “If His Highness falls ill on the weekend…”—but surely, he wouldn’t do anything like adding something to his food or drink, right? I looked at Oniisama with worry, and he said, “Oh, His Highness has the Appraisal skill, and he always carries magic items for detoxification and healing as a countermeasure against assassination, so he won’t fall ill. That’s why he always looks healthy, you know?” I must have misheard when he murmured that this time it was regrettable.

“By the way, when we get the cane, you will need to obtain permission to use the practice grounds.”

While seated on Mariel-chan’s lap, Ruby nibbled on a vegetable stick and asked.

“Huh? Practice grounds… why?”

Ruby leaned against Mariel-chan, who flinched at the word “training,” and looked up at her. After finishing her carrot stick with crunching sounds, she continued, seeming exasperated.


“Nyam, nyam… Mmm, didn’t I tell you before? Mariel, I’m going to train you in coordination to use my cane as a weapon.”

Saying that, Ruby neatly tore off a piece of cabbage, and began to chew it with gusto.

“Ehhh… don’t say these dangerous-sounding things…”

“Mariel, it’s way more dangerous to be unarmed. After all, you might be targeted by weirdos just because you’ve contracted with me, understood? You have to prepare for emergencies. Don’t be stubborn, get the permission.”

“Ugh… the academy isn’t a place for emergencies to happen.”
“You can’t just shut yourself up here at the academy forever. Stop complaining, go get the permission later.”

As Mariel-chan slumped, her hair fell over her head and hit Ruby, who exclaimed, “Hey, move! You’re in the way!” Then Ruby’s ears twitched and tapped Mariel-chan’s face.

“Bubu!? S-Sorry, Ruby.”
“You’re supposed to be my Lord, so act with some dignity. I won’t tolerate you getting caught by some weirdo. Get a grip!”

Ruby’s scolding made Mariel-chan’s spine stiffen.

“That’s better.”

Ruby nodded with satisfaction and picked up another carrot stick.
I can’t help but feel like the lord-servant relationship has been reversed with these two…

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