Chapter 580.1

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At the salon building.
Preparing to welcome Alicia-sama, Mariel-chan, Ruby, Suzaku-sama, Miria and I headed to the salon building.
I also made sure to prepare snacks and tea for Adry-sama, who would be visiting Sei later.

“Suzaku-sama… are you really going in that outfit?”

Mariel-chan and I turned to look at Suzaku-sama, who was walking a little behind us.

“Yes. Today, I shall serve diligently as your maids. Both of you.”

Suzaku-sama smiled, her fiery red hair tied high in a ponytail. Instead of her usual shirt and trousers, she wore the same maid uniform as Miria…

“Cristea-san, is this really okay? Having Sei’s Sacred Beast work as a maid… and that maid outfit is like a deadly weapon.”

“Hush! She seems to be serious about it, so it’s hard to point that out, isn’t it?”

Indeed, Miria had a great figure, but Suzaku-sama’s maid appearance was something else—well, it was toxic for adolescent boys.

“Cristea-sama, please rest assured. I will protect you no matter what happens!”

With her hand on her chest, Suzaku-sama confidently declared, leaving me with no choice but to say, “Well… please be gentle with me,” as I couldn’t say anything else.


The salon building, situated between the boys’ and girls’ dormitories, had a shared dining hall on the lower floor. On the upper floor, private rooms were available for tea parties, akin to reserving a room at a hotel’s front desk. These rooms could be booked for various services, including tea and snack preparation and serving.
There were maids ready to serve in the salon, making it a part-time job and training ground for students who planned to work in noble households in the future.

In my case, the Ellisfeed family had a reserved room during our enrollment. If I contacted them in advance, they would arrange flowers according to my preferences and prepare tea.
However, I preferred to handle our tea snacks ourselves, and Miria brewing the tea was the best option. So, I only made reservations for the room.

As we moved to the reception floor of the salon building, the lobby was bustling with people, likely there for tea parties.

“Cristea-sama, I will handle the check-in for us.”

Miria instructed us to wait on the spot and skillfully navigated through the crowd, heading towards the front desk.

Since the room was already reserved, we just needed to pick up the key at the front desk, and have Alicia-sama guided over later.
While waiting, I noticed people glancing at us.
Perhaps it was because we usually took breaks in the special dormitory, and we rarely visited the salon building, so unfamiliar faces stood out.

Oh, there were even people eyeing Ruby, whom Mariel-chan was holding.
Well, he does look like a cute cosplaying rabbit… although if he humanized, he’d turn into a machoman.
As I entertained such thoughts and maintained my composure, a few boys emerged from the crowd.

“Excuse me, Miss Cristea. It’s a pleasure to meet you. I am Trinian, the eldest son of the Gadrey Marquis family.”

The young man at the forefront stood before me, bowing respectfully.

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