Chapter 236

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I don’t want to go, but I have no choice but to go…
I, who realized that I can’t avoid the tea party with Queen-sama, returned to my room on unsteady feet.

“My… Cristea-sama, what happened? Making such a gloomy face…”

I handed the written invitation to Miria who worriedly looked at my dull self.

“Eh? … May I look at it? … My! A written invitation from Queen-sama!? Isn’t that amazing!”

Miria rejoiced with blushed cheeks.

“… Miria didn’t know?”
“Eh? Know what?”

I was relieved to see Miria reply in puzzlement.
I was thinking what would I do if even Miria kept this a secret from me…

“Otousama and Okasama knew about it for a long time, but they didn’t tell me anything.”

When I sulkily said, Miria My! exclaimed in surprise.

“Master and Okusama concealing something this wonderful are bullies! No matter how much they want to surprise you, it would be better to make you happy much earlier, right?”

… Ah, she’s surprised about that.
Indeed, being invited to the royal castle for a tea party, moreover, by Queen-sama herself should be honor by all rights. That would be the normal reaction, huh…

From her state, Okaasama didn’t even let Miria overhear it. What a strategist…

“Okaasama is calling you over to talk about the dresses and accessories to wear on this occasion.”
“Oh my, is that so? In that case, I will go to Okusama’s place right away. Ah… should I prepare tea for you?”
“It’s fine, I had one just a while ago with Oniisama and Prince Ray.”

Not wanting to hold Miria from her maid duties, I urged her to go to Okaasama’s room.

“I understand. I will be back soon.”
“It’s fine. I want to take it easy in my room until dinner.”

I saw Miria off and sprawled on the sofa.

“Haa… I thought I could do only with the acquaintanceship party, but I couldn’t avoid this in the end…”

Prince Ray aside, I wanted to avoid other members of the royal family if possible.

Prince Ray is mostly with Oniisama and I have Oniisama’s support, so I can plainly refuse at times, but I can’t play that hand in front of His Majesty and Her Majesty…
Moreover, this is a tea party organized by Queen-sama. And, Okaasama is accompanying me.
… This is bad.

I could somehow manage if Otousama was with me, but Okaasama is rather on the opponent’s side. I can’t expect protection… haa…

“Cristea, are you okay? Feeling bad?”

Mashiro who warped over in his human form asked worriedly.

“I’m fine. It’s not an illness.”

Rather, I want to fall ill… I despise myself for being a healthy child.

“However… you look disheartened, did something happen?”

Kurogane who was also in the human form kneeled by the side of the sofa and brushed the hair that fell on my face away.

“N~… I was invited to a tea party by Queen-sama, but I don’t want to go.”
“Isn’t that fine? Just have tea with the queen for a little and return.”

Kaguya who was snugly resting by the fireplace yawned and said uninterestingly.
It would be nice if it ended like that…

“Royal castle, huh… it would be better for us to not go there, right?”
“Yeah, it would be a disaster if you guys get exposed as Sacred Beasts.”

It would be even more troublesome if there was something like a barrier around the royal palace and they would get exposed the moment they entered.

“I’m anxious since we won’t be able to protect you by your side…”
“It will be fine. When needed, I will have both the telepathy and warp ready.”
“You should call immediately if something happens. We will come rushing no matter what.”
“That’s right! Will immediately come!”
“Thank you. But, it will be okay. I don’t think anything dangerous will happen in the royal palace.”

This is not good. I’m making everyone worry.
I have to pull myself together!

“I will come back after some talk.”

Yeah, I will be slippery an eel and avoid the engagement talk!
Besides, she might not even want to talk about it and just genuinely thank me… probably… not though? … Right?

… Come to think of it, it seemed that even the Head Chef wants to eat some freshly made sweets, doesn’t he?
Would it be better to bring some gifts with me?

Seeing me start absentmindedly think about sweets for a gift, it was Mashiro and Kurogane who were becoming uneasy because I might have been thinking something unnecessary again. They were correct.

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