Chapter 156

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I thoroughly enjoyed the marine products!
“Haa… I enjoyed seafood to my heart’s content…”

Hafuu, I took a breather after eating at the plaza’s bench.

I tried out and purchased many delicious things and stealthily stored them in my inventory. Like this, I can have them fresh anytime!
Of course, I secured everyone’s souvenirs as well.

“It certainly was delicious… it’s too bad there was no ale though.”
“Eh, Kurogane you drink?”

I didn’t know.

“Yeah. I had a chance to drink when I was killing time in the human habitat. Since then, I drank as long as there was an opportunity.”

Hmm… let’s introduce him to Galvano Ojisama next time. It might be difficult to drink next to a child like me, so it might be good once in a while to let him take a breather.
… N? What did he do about the money?

“Ah~… I addressed adventurers and sold them high-ranked monster materials for cheap. There were fellows who wanted to buy regularly.”

Eh! The hell is that? I smell unfairness, you know!?
… But, even if they rank-up inappropriately, it will bite them back later.
… N~, do it at your own risk!

“Now then. Shall we continue shopping?”
“N? You are still buying? The goods things must be already sold by now, no?”
“I thought of buying directly from the fishing port, rather than from the market.”

I believe I will be able to obtain really fresh products when buying directly from the fishing port… I hope they will have something nice~


“Haa? There’s no way we would have something at the time like this, right? Go shopping at the market!”
“Is that so…”

I thought that might be the case.
Hmm, there’s no helping it if they don’t have anything.
Let’s buy from here early in the morning the next time. Let’s settle with the pre-cooked stuff as souvenirs this time…
I would also like to buy some dried goods… I would like to bring out the flavor of dried fish in the mornings…
While thinking about such and returning to the market, I was called out from a slightly further place from the port.

“Do you want a fish?”

It was a beautiful girl with long, light blue hair and turquoise blue eyes. She wore a simple one-piece dress and her long, slender legs were dazzling to the eyes.

“Y… yes.”

Not good, not good. I ended up staring.

“Shall I get some for you?”
“Freediving is my specialty, you see? I will get some fish and shellfish for you?”

She stated reliably with a cheerful smile.

“Eh… but, aren’t there monsters in the sea…?”
“There’s a cove close by, to which monsters do not come. It will be fine there?”

Umu, is she someone like Ama-san? Should I ask for an example…? I will pay a little bit more…
While deep in thoughts, the girl turned around and started walking away.

“This way! Follow me!”

Eh~… is it all right for us to follow her??

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