Chapter 75

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Yellow egg of happiness.
“… Umm, what is the matter?”

When I inquired in puzzlement, His Highness immediately came to his senses.

“… Delicious… what a healing taste. Is this what people mean by a taste of happiness…”

… What an exaggeration.

“The melting texture of this yellow… is this perhaps an egg…?”

Isn’t that obvious? Of course, it’s an egg.

“It’s my first time eating an egg this soft… is this some kind of a special egg?”

Ah… I see. It’s natural to boil the eggs as much as possible in this world to avoid getting an upset stomach.

The scrambled eggs are also thoroughly cooked on both sides.
It’s not a problem if that’s your preference, but this world eats eggs as nourishment, so they were not recognized as delicious food yet.

“No, they are ordinary eggs you can find anywhere.”
“No way! They should not be this soft after cooking…”
“It’s possible to make them this soft if you don’t overcook them. Our house uses fresh eggs that are laid every morning. Normally, you would get an upset stomach from eating them raw or half-cooked, but once you eliminate the cause by casting Cleaning magic, every one of the eggs will become pure. If you do that, you can even eat the eggs raw.”
“Raw!? Impossible!”
“In fact, I have eaten raw eggs before, but I was fine, you know?”

… I somehow managed to make everyone eat soft boiled eggs, but they won’t eat them when completely raw yet… even though TKG is so delicious…

“You… they call you repulsive food eating lady because of things like that…”

Hey! Your Highness!? Why are you looking at me with such understanding and eyes that look at an unfortunate child!!!!
Ugh, people who don’t understand are such a pain…!

“… It’s unfortunate that you do not seem to understand…”

Fuu… I sighed and hung my head in sadness.

“O, oy…?”

His Highness panicked because he thought I was going to cry. Hmph! Who would cry over something like this?

“… Cutting the glossy and sparkly egg yolk, the enchanting ooze… the rich yet mellow taste… even though it’s precisely a supreme bliss…”

Gulp, the sound of my throat resounded.

“I was certain that you would show a response if you understood the deliciousness of this soft-cooked egg, but… how unfortunate.”

Fuu… I let out a sigh again and a seemingly sad smile appears on my face.

“It can’t be helped. I’m just a repulsive food eating lady after all…”
“U, umm…?”
“Let’s end this talk here. It’s not something I would forcibly recommend, you see?”
“Eh… oy…?”

I pretended to give a cold shoulder after this.
Hmph! It’s fine, I will look forward to it all by myself! This will be stress eating only for me, the luxurious tamago kake gohan… ah right, I will set a bit of the egg yolk aside and use it as a glaze for the apple pie I keep in my inventory. I will make a Meringue cookie with the rest of the egg white so I wouldn’t waste anything.

After that, while thinking what else to make for stress eating, His Highness hastily spoke to me about something, but I haven’t noticed at all…

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