Chapter 20

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Cristea’s Disappearance
“Todd~! How about this one? Is it a good time already?”
“Let me see… yeah, this looks yummy! It’s good.”

I got OK from the gardener Todd, so I snapped it with scissors.

“Wow… so pretty…!”

It reflects the sunlight, almost like a jewel.
Eh? What did? Vegetables, you know! Freshly harvested vegetables! Glossy, sparkly vegetable!
Cucumbers, eggplants, tomatoes, bell peppers, etc… ahh, they look so juicy and delicious… controlling my impulse to bite them right on the spot, I continued harvesting.

This is Ellisfeed House’s vegetable garden.
The vegetable garden is in a quiet place behind the mansion.
There’s nothing better than freshly harvested! I tried picking a part of the garden but was stopped by Todd.
The beautiful balance of the garden would crumble, is what he said… well, this is a place where guests are guided as well after all… can’t be helped.

Finally, after negotiations, I was given a space in the vegetable garden.
Todd seems to be enjoying growing vegetables as well.

“Fuu, that’s about it. Thank you, Todd. I will bring this to the kitchen, okay?”
“It’s heavy, so I will bring it myself.”

Todd said after looking at the heap of harvested vegetable.

“Cristea-sama, we will carry it for you.”
“It’s fine, this…”

Stopping Miria who wanted to help, Cristea touched the heap of vegetables and stored it in her inventory.

“Fufu, I can carry it while preserving its freshness like this.”
“Space magic, is it… wow~… that’s incredible.”

As expected of Ojousama, Todd admired with surprise.

“But, to let Cristea-sama carry the payload…”

Miria said apologetically, but this is fine.

“It’s fine, it’s fine. Now then, let’s go!”

She delivered the vegetables to the kitchen and left after ordering this and that.


“Cristea-sama, you must be thirsty, right?”

Miria handed over an iced black tea to Cristea who returned to her room. Miria is a really able maid. Yep, delicious. The tea leaves are of excellent quality, so it tastes great while cold.

“Ah, not good! I didn’t give Shin the new dressing recipe!”

Abruptly standing up and taking a recipe from her pocket, Cristea frowned.

“My… then, I will deliver it to him.”
“I’m sorry, but could I leave it to you?”

Miria who received the note from Cristea left the room and remembered in the corridor that the manners studies lesson will soon take a place.
I was about to be outwitted! She hurriedly turned around.
There should be plenty of time to hand over the note after delivering Cristea to Retia.

“Cristea-sama! It’s almost time for the manners stu… dies?”

She looked around the room, but Cristea was nowhere to be found.


Is she in the bedroom? She took a look, but Cristea wasn’t there either.

“Cristea… sama…?”

Cristea has suddenly vanished.

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