Chapter 532.3

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Not so peaceful lunchtime.
“I hear that the nobles are flooding His Majesty with petitions to be allowed to meet with you, the contractors.”

Since they can’t touch us at the academy, they have to ask His Majesty’s permission to contact us?
No, no, no, Otousama wouldn’t allow that, no matter how much they want to. He is the kind of person who would not back down, even when dealing with His Majesty.

“I’ve heard that His Majesty has again informed them that they are not to touch on that matter, so you shouldn’t worry about it. However…”

The Headmaster sighed deeply and took a sip of tea to quench his thirst.

“… Foolish people are everywhere. His Majesty is concerned that there may be someone behind the scenes working with the Dark Guild.”
“Dark Guild… you say?”

Sei reacted to the words I had never heard before.

“Mhm. It pains me to inform you youngsters of their existence, but the… the Dark Guild is a cross-country, dark organization that makes its living doing bad things like kidnapping and assassination.”

Eh, what the hell. Such a dangerous organization exists? What kind of novel is this?
No, actually, assassins are often depicted in novels, aren’t they…

“Rumor has it that the Dark Guild also has a Magic Beast contractor. Cristea-sama is the daughter of Duke Ellsifeed and is known to have two Sacred Beast contracts with a Fenrir and a Holy Bear, so I’m sure you won’t be messed with, but…”

Since I will be fine… it means that.

“Sei-kun, who has contracts with Sacred Beasts of Yahatul that are little-known in Doristan Kingdom, and Miss Mariel, who has a contract with the Carbuncle, whose abilities have not been fully elucidated, are more likely to be targeted.”


Sei and Mariel-chan will…!?

“B, but, weren’t students supposed to be basically untouchable within the academy…!?”

Adry-sama stood up with a vigor.

“Yes, that’s right. However, that is only within the academy’s premises. We cannot protect you all the time. Even more so when it comes to the Dark Guild that follows no rules.”
“That can’t be…”

Mariel-chan was pale and trembling.

“Oh, I apologize for scaring you. The academy… the Special dormitory in particular has a powerful defensive magic, so there is no need to be frightened. But you need to be careful, because we cannot protect you once you step out of the academy’s premises.”
“W, what do I do…”
“Mariel-san, everything will be alright. You should stay with me as much as possible, okay?”
“Y, yes…”

As Mariel-chan looked relieved, Adry-sama grabbed Sei’s shoulder and made a clenched fist with his other hand.

“Sei, you don’t move alone either, okay? Stay with me when you are doing things separately from Miss Cristea and Miss Mariel. Alright?”
“No, I don’t really…”
“Don’t be so modest, you idiot. I’m not so heartless as to leave a friend in danger.”
“… I will do that then.”

In Sei’s case, the Byakko-sama and the others are so strong that he would be fine, and he would rather not put Adry-sama in danger, but there was no way Adry-sama, who is a hot-blooded musclebrain, could understand Sei’s thoughts, so Sei could only agree with a wry smile.

“Wowzee… so precious…”

When I turned my eyes to the rough breathing next to me, I saw Mariel-chan covering her loose mouth with her hands and looking at Adry-sama and Sei with moist eyes.
Mariel-chan… you don’t learn…

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