Chapter 22

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I got scolded.
“… Darn… Miria is there…”

When I peeked through the peep window at the side of the secret passage’s exit, I saw panicking Miria aimlessly wandering in my bedroom. I was certain she would look for me around the premises, I was totally wrong.

“N~… I can’t go over just like this, let’s go to the library…”

Judging such, I changed my direction without hesitation.
I began walking.

The secret passage naturally didn’t lead only to Cristea’s room. There are a few entrances including the bedroom of her parents, office, and library.

Only the exit leading outside has been enhanced against enemy trespassers and the passage is unusable without precise directions, but…

Cristea who thoroughly checked the secret passage advances without losing her way.

The first time she checked, she lost her way and ended up overhearing the lovers’ talk of her parents in their bedroom, so she won’t get lost anymore.

… Otousama, Okaasama, I wouldn’t mind a little sister or a little brother, you know? Please, do your best…

Cristea was wholeheartedly supporting them. Her insides are that of an adult after all.


And so, she arrived at the door leading to the library. She checked the inside through the peep window just in case too.
Noticing people’s presence, she thought that this was no good as well…

“… Eh? Shin?”

That person was Shin. Moreover, he was sleeping.
Umm… why is Shin sleeping in a place like this?
I heard that he can read, but he shouldn’t be allowed to approach the library because he’s a servant… is he dozing off in a place like this?
For Shin to actually have a place to skip work… I didn’t know. He did well avoiding people until now…

He’s sound asleep, so I have to stealthily slip through… thinking such, she cast soundproofing magic and quietly opened the door. She similarly closed the door and tried to slip past Shin to leave the library.

“Welcome back, Ojousama.”

When she was about to open the library’s door, Gashin! she felt her head being grasped. The power of the grip gradually increased and she wasn’t able to turn her head around.

“… Erm, Shin…? Huh? Weren’t you sleeping…?”

Sweat started pouring from her.

“Don’t you know I was just pretending?”

I knowwww~!
No way~! Shin is such a good actor!

Ahh! I was deceiveeed!!

“Do you know how terribly worried Miria was because you disappeared all of sudden?”

Saying such, he grasped her head even tighter.
Ah, ah, this is some kind of deja vu, isn’t it! Ahhhhhh!!!
I’m seriously sorryyyyy!!!! Gyaah!!!


“Ugh… how did you know of this place, Shin?”

It’s a mystery itself for Shin to be in the library he usually doesn’t even approach.

“Miria remembered that you came out of the library the last time you were missing even though we searched all around the mansion.”

Ah~… that time, huh…

“That’s why, perhaps… is what we thought, so Miria and I split up.”

Although Miria was panicking in my bedroom, Shin didn’t know where would I come out from, so he pretending to be asleep so I would let my guard down. Gununu, this strategist…

“Other servants don’t know about this, so don’t worry about it.”

Oh, thank you very much, that will help! As expected of Shin!

“I will naturally report to Master though.”

Ah, that’s not a thing to be grateful about, rather, it’s no thank you! Stupid, stupid~!

And so, I was scolded by my parents once again.
Eh, this development stinks of deja vu again? I’m fine already! I’m full of this development, okay~!?!?

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