Chapter 302

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Continuation of the girls only gathering.
After that, the past life talk with Mariel-chan got even more exciting.
Where we lived, which anime and manga we loved.
With Mariel-chan’s proposal, we learned each other’s past lives’ names. Mariel-chan said that there’s a possibility that in this world of magic and Sacred Beasts, our past lives’ names might become our true names. I don’t really know whether that’s true or not, but it’s just in case.
And also, our age in past life.
The reason for that is, you can easily guess…

As for magic, it’s empowered with the power of imagination as I thought and Mariel-chan is apparently able to use various magic spells as well. Moreover, whether it’s because she was a nurse, she’s able to use a little bit of healing magic. Amazing!

“But, I can’t skillfully adjust the amount of magical power, so I soon run out and get exhausted.”

Mariel-chan grumbled with sighs mixed in.

“Is that so? If it’s just adjusting the amount of magical power then I think it can get solved by practicing the circulation of magical power, you know?”
“How do I do that?”

If I could use magic even a little bit more efficiently, then I would like to try, Mariel-chan said.

“Yoga and meditation work for me, you see?”

A daily dose of yoga… puts the flow of magical power in order.
And, as for the meditation, I tried it to become more conscious of the circulation of magical power for easier manipulation and it worked quite well.


Mariel-chan raised her voice in disarray, hearing my unexpected reply.

“Oh yeah, it works quite well.”
“Hee… but, I don’t know yoga poses that much.”
“Oh my, then how about trying it tomorrow morning together with me?”
“Is that fine?”
“Of course. Though you will have to get up early, are you good with that?”
“Ugh… I, I will do my best!”

Fumu. Mariel-chan is usually a sleepyhead, I guess? Well, most of the young ladies wake up late. It seems that I will be staying up late today as well, so let’s start slowly in the morning.

“Since you are staying over today, err, the dinner… it would be better not to have it together with my family, right?”
“I, I would prefer that if possible. I don’t think I would be able to swallow the food if dining together with the Duke, Duchess, and Norman-sama.”

Otousama and others don’t look scary, but they are mere gluttons at a dining table.

“You don’t have to be that nervous. Ah, but it might be better to at least greet Otousama and Okaasama later.”
“Yeah. I will have to apologize for not joining them at dinner.”
“You really don’t have to mind that… Otousama and Okaasama also said they wanted to greet the first friend I met at the Capital after all.”
“Hiii, that’s frightening!”

Taking Mariel-chan who seemed like wanting to shout along, I decided to bring her to greet Otousama and Okaasama.

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