Chapter 231

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This is not attaining the enlightenment.
“Guee…! I’m dying…”
“Miria. Miria, tighten it a little bit more please.”
“Cristea-sama, I’m sorry. Please try bearing it a little more.”

Gyu, gyu, girigiri… I desperately tried to endure the sense of my breath stopping and wringing my life out.

This is a room in the Capital’s Ellisfeed mansion, one of the parlors. I’m behind a partitioning screen within the large parlor.
We are making arrangements for the fitting of the dress. Right, I’m in the middle of equipping the hellish corset.

Ugh… I normally don’t wear this so I’m suffering. Won’t my organs force their way out if I move a little… guee.

“O, Okaasama… i, isn’t this tied too tightly…? I feel like fainting…!”
“Is that so? I think it should be like that though?”
“I won’t be able to eat anything like this… ugu!”
“You can’t gobble down the food on parties and tea parties, you know? You must make sure to eat like a small bird.”
“T, that can’t be…!”

Even though I was looking forward to the royal palace’s feat!?
Even though I was looking forward to the sweets at the tea parties!?
No pleasure but mortification only, what’s with that!? Are all noblewomen open to this idea!? Are they monks or something???
Isn’t that nothing but despair…!

Not being able to conceal my shock, Miria timidly remarked.

“Umm… Okusama? Cristea-sama is more slender than before. Even if she’s not constricted this tight, I’m sure she still will be more slender than other young ladies. And above all, her face is blue. What if she collapsed at such an important place?”

As expected of Miria… thank you! I love you!
I see, did I really become thinner? Is this because of the morning yoga?
My blue face is because of the shock I received though!

“Indeed… there was a rumor that the Ellisfeed House’s young lady was constantly eating strange food and couldn’t leave the fief because of loose bowels… I would be troubled if another strange rumor spread because she collapsed with a pale face… fine, loosen it up a bit please.”

Yaay~! I became a little more comfortable… what did you say? Besides being the Repulsive food eating lady, there were such disgraceful rumors about me as well!? No way-!

… Not good. This is not good.
Starting the school with a negative image is unreasonable…!

I have to brace myself for this.
For the “Cristea-chan is a wonderful young lady☆Sparkling Academy Life!” plan!
… The plan has a room for reconsideration, doesn’t it…
I left my naming sense somewhere unknown, so I would like if you don’t pursue it any further.

A, anyhow! Before the academy, I have to craft my image for the better!
Let’s hold a strategy meeting right away!

“Okaasama! I remembered something important, so I would like to excuse myse-…”
“What are you saying? I told you that we will be fitting your dress after this, didn’t I? I won’t let you escape, you know?”

Uwaaan! My strategy meeting-!

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