Chapter 370

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It’s still too early to wither, though.
The completely wrong information is scary.
Although it’s about me, before long, I will be walking alone with tail and fins.
I was staying indoors, so I had no idea that there was a storm of rumors about me going around.
I wouldn’t know about the repulsive food eating lady rumor were it not for Prince Ray’s slip up either.
It appears that Okaasama has been gathering information previously, but she only leaked them to me in small amounts, and she apparently has no intentions of telling me in detail.

As for Otousama and Oniisama, they seem to be doing something behind the scenes… (distant look)
W, well, you could say that I am being protected by the family in a way.
I will be happy unless I get punished.

“Although I had no idea, there seem to be many misunderstandings about me. Hearing you say all that, I was thinking: ‘Who are you talking about just now?’ You know?”
“But, they are not necessarily wrong, no? You are just indifferent to it, Cristea-san. If you tell Duke-sama: ‘I want to marry His Highness♡’ Would he immediately go to settle the engagement?”

Mariel-chan replied while shrugging her shoulders.

“Stop it~ I have no interested in something like that. Ah~ I want to elope and become a commoner. If not, I would like to spend my remaining days running a café…”

Mariel-chan looked at me with an amazed expression when I had prostrated on the table in exhaustion.

“A ten-year-old shouldn’t be talking about spending your remaining years running a café… but, if you do open a café, I will wholeheartedly support you, okay? If you want, I will announce our candidacy as investors! The Mayor Company would be a powerful backer, you know? Ufufu… on top of flourishing without a doubt, as an investor, I would surely be able to eat all I can, right… ahh, please prepare a menu based around mayonnaise by all means, yes.”

Your expression has loosened for some reason at the end, but you are naive, Mariel-chan.
I have a long history as a light otaku and unpopular woman who did not yearn for marriage, probably because I fully enjoyed myself alone.
Holding on such memories from my past life, it wouldn’t be strange if I withered already, even if I am currently only ten years old.
Of course, I understand that I have a political marriage to fulfill as my aristocratic duty.
But, being a noble’s wife or the Crown Princess… and eventually the Queen. That would cause a huge gap in my lifestyle.

As a noble’s wife, I would be able to be more or less flexible and might be able to cook or go shopping, but that’s not going to happen if I become the Queen.
… Well, I am worried about this, but I don’t think the doting parent that is Otousama is going to make me marry out of convenience.
Rather, I am worried that I might become a woman who had missed the chance of getting married because of him.
Therefore, if I become a woman who had missed the chance of getting married, I might as well open a cozy café somewhere in the fief.
Otousama and others are saying “You can stay here forever!” but Oniisama is eventually going to find himself a wife and start managing the fief, so I as the sister-in-law just can’t stay there, can I?
… Ah, imagining that made me feel lonely.

“Cristea-san? Is something the matter?”
“… Eh? Ah. I, it’s nothing. Indeed, if a time like that comes, I will make sure to tell you, Mariel-san.”
“! D, definitely, all right!? You have promised!”
“Y, yeah… but, I won’t be making something like a mayonnaise-only menu, alright?”
“Ehh!? Why not!”

Overwhelmed by Mariel-chan who pressed me with a frightful vigor, I made a promise to her on my unknown future.

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