Chapter 328

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It’s a single-minded cooking spree!
I, who listened to the request of Sei and others kept on earnestly cooking the dishes.
As expected, I wasn’t able to make it all at once, so until the enrollment in the academy, I had Mashiro and Kurogane deliver the stock of food I made after using the kitchen every evening.

“Now then…… Have I finished most of it now?”

I was anticipating seconds from the requested dishes, so I made considerably lot. With this many, even the gluttonous Divine Beasts will be all right…… probably. Maybe.
I was also making our share every day, so a tremendous amount of food was made every day.
I was storing the cooked dishes in my Inventory so they wouldn’t cool down thus making the chefs who were working overtime staring at me dejectedly, but…… I decided not to mind them.
Good grief, those were all dishes the chefs are able to make themselves, so they should just make it if they crave it. Well, I understand the feelings of dishes tasting more delicious when made by someone else……
I later heard that Otousama who doesn’t usually eat night meals was slightly anticipating, but got really dejected when he heard there was no portion for him. Indeed, because everyone’s cooking skills have improved, he doesn’t have the chance of eating the dishes I make that much as of recent. If I don’t come up with a new dish, Head Chef will probably start urging me too.

“…… However, they all splendidly turned out to be meat dishes.”

Because the requested dishes of Sei and others were mostly meat dishes, I used a hefty amount of vegetables for the orc miso soup and orc broth, but it’s still not enough. I should garnish the dishes with summer veggies pickles and Ohitashi…… there’s no fish on the menu either.
Let’s shred some grilled Sharken since I have lots of them and prepare them for Ochazuke. Ah, that would be good for Onigiri too!
Next… it’s still a cold season, so how about a hot pot? Are there any Cod-like fish in this world, I wonder? Shrimps and crabs would be nice too.
After completing the fish menu, I returned to my room.

“Say, Kurogane. What kind of fish do you think I will be able to get at this time?”

I have been wandering for a long time around my room when I returned, so I decided to ask the knowledgeable Kurogane in the end.

“… I don’t eat fish much, so I don’t know in detail. If you want to know, you better ask that Siren male.”
“Ah, right. There was that.”

The boy whom I have mistaken for a beautiful girl when visiting the port town the last time… let’s ask him and give him sweets as a reward.

“Since that’s decided, let’s go to the port town tomorrow!”

I who decided to go to the port town to strike while the iron is hot has been stopped by Kurogane again.

“Wait, Lord. You have to report to your Father before leaving outside.”
“Ehh~? I intend to take only as much time as for a stroll, won’t it be alright to go quick and return quick?”

Well, although reporting is important, it’s not like I’m going to the market for shopping this time. I don’t need anyone to carry my things and I don’t need guards either with Kurogane and Mashiro by my side, so is it not fine to just go without reporting?

“Although you say that, didn’t you fell into the sea and nearly make a contract the last time? I think you should report your destination in order to have a safe journey though?”

Gununu, even if you tell me that… as I promised Otousama, I should clearly report him about my destination to not cause trouble. But, that’s seriously bothersome… nono, I don’t want to cause Otousama needless worries.

“Although I’m not worried because Mashiro and Kurogane will protect me…?”

Kurogane flinched when I said so while glancing at him with puppy eyes, but he seems to be still minding that he couldn’t protect me the last time, so he stubbornly didn’t yield in the end. Gununu, my means of victory have failed.
I was an adult for a long time in my past life and I may be a child now, but I’m clearly different from other children, so I don’t think there is need to be worried about me this much…

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