Chapter 222

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We are departing!
With the preparations for departure done, we boarded the carriage.


I thought that I would ride together with Otousama and Okaasama, but there were only Miria, Mashiro, Kurogane and Kaguya inside.

I see, they must be paying attention that I’m riding together with my Contracted Beasts. Moreover, they aren’t in their human forms, so these members are packed tightly together. I’m glad~! If I rode with Otousama and Okaasama, I would have been cautioned and scolded all the way to the Capital.

It seems that Shin is riding on the wagon together with all the guards. What a painful-looking space that is… Shin… do your best…

Because it’s a long ride, I had the carriage filled with many cushions. Yeah, it’s on the level of a mere consolation, but it’s better than nothing.

Kurogane is at my feet and Mashiro is laying on my lap as a knee pillow. Kaguya is relaxing on Miria’s lap.

Not sure whether it’s because Miria feeds her, but Kaguya receives her well. She seems happy under Miria’s mofumofu skill. Umu, good.

We rode on the highway without stopping and before the evening, we arrived at an inn of a certain town.

“Cristea-sama, we will be arriving soon.”
“… N? Nnn~! … Ahh, my back hurts…”

When I stretched my legs and rubbed them, Miria chuckled.

“Oh my, Cristea-sama, you are acting like an elderly.”

Even if you say that, how often do I sit still for so many hours like this…

I thought that we arrived quite quickly, but I have apparently dozed off along the way.
Ah, not good, the drool is…

“Are you all right, Lord? Shall I carry you if your back aches?”
“Cristea, I will hold you?”
“Thank you, you two. But, I’m fine.”

The two who turned into their human forms reported for duty, but I would look like a child if carried by Kurogane and it would be impossible for Mashiro to hold me, right… no, it would be fine since he’s strong to begin with? I’m just uneasy from being seen…

“Stop dawdling, how about getting down already.”

Kuwaa… Kaguya who let out a large yawn is shrewdly intent on being carried by Miria.

“Yes, yes. Now then, shall we get down.”

We were told by the driver that we have arrived at the inn, so I promptly stood up and opened the door.

“This is today’s inn…?”

Getting down from the carriage, what was in front of my eyes didn’t look like an inn by any means, but like a splendid mansion instead. We were apparently accommodated by the town mayor together with a few guards while the rest stayed at the inn.

Whaaat… even though I was expecting bar food while staying at the inn…

“Come in, come in, Duke-sama. Everyone must be tired from the long trip. The dinner is prepared, so please enter before it gets cold.”

Oh well. A feast is waiting for me anyway!

… I had times when I thought such.
We were invited to the town mayor’s house for dinner, and there was a “feast” lined up before me, but…

… It’s bad. I’m sorry to say this, but the meal wasn’t good. I feel like the food was just like this before my memories returned… anyhow, I’m greasy.
The seasoning, far from dashi or something similar, it’s just seasoned with salt. Salt and spices are expensive, but you realize that food will taste bad if you put too much in it, right…? Is what I would like to say, but I can’t say that with the people entertaining us by our side…

When I looked, Otousama and Okaasama didn’t have much appetite either. Well, they have become used to eating my cooking after all.
I slowly ate a bit and left the rest… I feel bad about wasting food, but a soup that’s saltier than ocean water is impossible for me…

Otousama is doing his best to eat, but you will have high blood pressure if you eat this much, okay!? Don’t try the impossible, alright!?

Haa… it’s difficult being hungry and not being able to eat. Let’s secretly eat snacks when I get to my room.

… Let’s offer some to Otousama and Okaasama later as well. Otousama and Okaasama are glancing towards me as if trying to say something anyway.

I’m worried about tomorrow’s breakfast… haa.

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