Chapter 314

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I was put in her care.
“Fuu, that should be it for today?”

After waking Mariel-chan up and doing the morning yoga together, I cast Clear magic on us as we were lightly sweating, we changed our clothes and headed for breakfast.

“Cristea-san, you are doing this every morning…?”

Mariel-chan who was finally released from the forced morning yoga after suffering from a nightmare because of Kaguya was completely exhausted.
The mornings of young noble ladies are slow. Mariel-chan also isn’t an exception as her mornings last an eternity.
It would be a calamity if she were to wake up together with the servants as I do, but I would like her to do her best to wake up slightly earlier from now on for the sake of the circulation of her magical power.

“I won’t abruptly tell you to do this regularly every day, so do your best, okay?”

When I said so, Mariel-chan’s face went… guhee.

“You did cosplay in your past life, so you have surely done your best to maintain your figure, right? Let’s do our best if you want to eat delicious foods, okay? At this rate, you will grow horizontally instead of vertically.”
“Ugh… I will do my best.”

We had eaten dinner with just the two of us yesterday, but wanting to at least have the breakfast with the family, I led Mariel-chan to take a seat at the breakfast.

“You seem to have had quite a lot of fun the last night.”
“Yes. We had so much fun that the time passed so fast we unconsciously chatted until late at night.”
“I see, weren’t you troubling Miss Mariel?”
“No! Absolutely not. As Cristea-sama said, we had so much fun we have forgotten about the time.”
“I see… Miss Mariel, Cristea is slightly different from other girls. Won’t you be her friend in the academy as well?”
“Our daughter really is eccentric, so please take care of her, Mariel-san.”

Otousama, Okaasama… thank you very much for speaking up for my sake. But, treating me as strange was unnecessary!

“Of course! Cristea-sama is my precious friend after all!”

Mariel-chan replied with a smile as if that was only given. Friends, she said…! Thank you!

“Let me know if something were to happen. I will lend you a hand. Of course, even if it’s not about Cristea, okay?”
A”h… thank you berry mush… very much! Norman-sama!”

… She bit her tongue. Mariel-chan began acting suspiciously with Oniisama’s smile. You don’t have to be that nervous…
And like that, we had a harmonious breakfast.

“Haa… that was hard. I couldn’t taste the breakfast.”

After breakfast in my room, Mariel-chan was exhausted.

“Did you like the Japanese omelet?”
“It was delicious! The miso soup too!”
“Haven’t you tasted it properly then?”

She got plainly shot down.

“But it was delicious and nostalgic… how nice, I want to become a child of this House. No, even servant might be good…”

Mariel-chan hugged a cushion and buried her head into it while lying down on the sofa.

“Now, now, I will give you plenty of dishes for a souvenir. Please endure with that until the enrollment, okay?”

Saying such, I handed Mariel-chan Onigiri, Orcatsu and many more dishes which she stored in her Inventory she just learned.
There might be a problem again while taking out a soup, so I made her Misodama.
Misodama is an instant miso soup made from miso, dashi, Katsuobushi and other materials made into a ball. It just has to be put into a bowl with hot water and stirred, so even Mariel-chan who is bad at cooking can easily do it.

“T, this many!? T, thank you very much!”

I will pretend that I didn’t hear you muttering “Will it be enough……” while putting it away in the Inventory, okay?

The fun times passed in the blink of an eye and it became the time for Mariel-chan to return home. I saw Mariel-chan getting in the carriage while thinking that we still had lots to talk about.

“Cristea-san, let’s meet again at the entrance ceremony!”
“Yes, I will be looking forward to seeing you again. I will write you letters until then!”
“I will also write!”

After seeing the carriage clatter away and returning to my room, Mashiro and Kurogane cuddled up close to me.

“Cristea, are you lonely now that Mariel left?”
“Yeah, a little. But, the entrance ceremony is close.”

Right, the entrance ceremony in the spring will happen in no time. Until then, I have plenty of things to take care of. First of all, I have to prepare for the return to our fief! I’m going to work hard~!

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