Chapter 35

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Who’s taking advantage of who heeeereee!!
Being beaten by Byakko-sama in the end, I have entertained him for a late-night snack(?).
I took out the pot of pork… orc soup and baked miso onigiri, but…

“Oh~! Tonjiru, huh! Looks delicious!”
“It’s orc soup. Umm… how do you plan on eating this?”

It’s a soup… and piping hot at that, you know? Don’t you have a cat’s tongue? No before that, what about the bowl? Or will you serve it on a plate with tools??

“Ah~… do you have a bowl and chopsticks?”
“I do?”

The Bastea Company had cute rice bowls, chopsticks, and many other Japanese tableware, so I bought those.

“Then. Give me a big serving!”

Eh? How do you intend to eat this? You won’t be able to use the chopsticks, right… you won’t say something like ‘feed me,’ right…?
Anyhow, doing as requested, I took out the tableware from the inventory and plated the orc soup, baked miso onigiri, and nukadzuke in a small bowl and offered(?) it to Byakko-sama.

“There you go. Please eat up.”
“Oh? You even have nukadzuke, huh… you, aren’t you actually from Yahatul?”

Gulp. Not a bad guess… I think my contents are closely related to Yahatul.

“That can’t be possible, can it? With my appearance.”

Haha… I laughed dryly.

“Yeah. However, you really are amusing. I can’t see you as a foreigner.”

Amusing is a bit rude… rather, could you stop pursuing this matter so deeply…

“Now then! Let’s eat before it gets cold!”
“Eh? Byakko-sama, you don’t have a cat’s tongue?”
“Oh right…”

I want to eat but can’t because it’s too hot… Byakko-sama lamented over the postponement. Cute.

“In the first place, aren’t you unable to eat from the bowl using chopsticks, Byakko-sama?”

I tried asking the question I had directly.

“Ah? I see, you don’t know about that…”

Saying such, Byakko-sama’s figure swayed.


In the place of Byakko-sama, a white-haired youth with black streaks on the side appeared.

“I can turn into a human.”

After the youth showed a boastful smug face, Well, I’m going to eat! he picked up the miso and onigiri.

“Bya, Byakko-sama…?!”
“Na? That’s right? Oh! This is tasty!”

The youth, no, Byakko-sama happily stuffed his cheeks. He’s playboy-ish but a hunk! He’s a hunk, but…!

“Wear some clotheeeeees!!!!”

He was stark naked. I screamed. I’m glad I cast soundproof magic! Seriously!
No matter how much of a hunk he is, I refuse pervertssss!!!!

『Ah… it has been a while since I last used a human form, I forgot clothes』

I won’t find you cute even if you Tehe? me!
I’m not a lucky pervert or anything like that after all!!
Anyhow, wear some cloooothesss!!!
Who’s taking advantage of who heeeereee!!

… While saying such, I happened to see various things… anyhow, let’s just say that he’s a thin man with well-defined muscles and that he’s quite splendid…

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