Chapter 355

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Mariel-chan is “cooking” for the first time.
“But, I see… Tamago Kake Gohan, huh… I haven’t even thought of eating it in this world.”

Mariel-chan seemed to be reminiscing about her past life’s memories with her eyes closed. Ah, Mariel-chan, you are drooling…

“Mariel-san, that is immodest, you know?”
“Eh, ah! Ahaha, excuse me…”

When I pointed at my mouth while handing her my handkerchief, Mariel-chan quickly recovered and wiped the corners of her mouth with her own handkerchief.

“But, is eating raw eggs really all right?”

It seems that Mariel-chan is still half in doubt. Well, there seem to be many people who suffered from eating raw eggs in this world after all. There are adventurers who test their courage by chugging raw eggs too.

“I am all right at the very least… do you want to try?”
“Eh, try, you say… you mean Tamago Kake Gohan?”
“Yes, I have both rice and eggs on me.”

Saying that, I retrieved rice, eggs and soy sauce from my Inventory.

“… Taking it out immediately after saying that you have it, what kind of cheat is this… I can only see you as a blue cat-type robot now, Cristea-san.”
“… If that were the case, that would make you a certain glasses-wearing boy, Mariel-san.”
“I am sorry, I was just joking.”

Good grief, how rude.
Well, I can’t deny that certain blue cat-type robot had no influence on my ability to use Inventory and warp magic.
When I served the rice in bowls and set the chopsticks on the table, Mariel-chan gulped loudly.

“… Is it really not dangerous?”
“Still doubting me. Then, I will show you first.”

Picking the egg in my hand, I cast Clear magic while imagining the elimination of bacteria. Then, I lightly knocked the egg against the table and poured the egg white and yolk from the cracked egg at the center of the rice.
There are unexpectedly many people who don’t know that it’s easier to crack an egg on a curved or level surface, rather than a corner. When cracking an egg against a corner, the egg would split unevenly, causing small pieces of the shell end up in your food. Also, if you are not used to cracking eggs, you should definitely use both hands.
Pour in the soy sauce and stir. Once thoroughly mixed I stopped my hand which held the chopsticks. When I glanced at Mariel-chan, she was staring at the Tamago Kake Gohan. Fufufu, she’s saying the opposite, but doesn’t she look like she wants to eat it really bad?

“Now then, it’s done now, but… ahh, let’s add this too.”

Saying that, I retrieved Katsuobushi from my Inventory.

“Ahh! That’s!? Ka, katsuobushi!?”

I sprinkled the katsuobushi on the Tamago Kake Gohan while taking a sidelong glance at Mariel-chan whose eyes were sparkling.
Fuhaa… it’s dancing… the katsuobushi is fluttered down onto the Tamago Kake Gohan as if dancing, I took the bowl and chopsticks and carried a mouthful to my mouth.

“Then, look.”

After saying itadakimasu, I ate.

“Ah!? Aaah…”

Mariel-chan was looking at me with a tragic expression, but it’s really all right, okay?

“I told you that you didn’t have to worry this much. Are you feeling more at ease to give it a try?”

I continued eating the Tamago Kake Gohan while smiling at the anxious Mariel-chan. As I thought, this is something others wouldn’t eat unless you show them.

“C, Cristea-san, you are a devil…”

What does she mean by calling me a devil?

“There’s no way I could endure if you eat so deliciously in front of me! Gee, I get it! I just have to cast Clear magic on it, right!? Imagining bacteria elimination is for me who was a nurse in my past life an easy task!”

Mariel-chan grabbed and egg while chanting “Eliminating bacteria… eliminating bacteria… the disappearance of Salmonella…” and cast Clear magic. Then she timidly knocked the egg against the table.

“… It’s not cracking. Why?”

… So we have to start from here?

“The egg won’t crack unless you put more strength into it, you know?”
“Eh…? I mean, won’t the egg splurt out if I use any more strength?”

It appears that Mariel-chan had not even grasped the extent of strength needed to crack an egg in her past life… this calls for special training.

“Ah! But, I am skilled at peeling a hard-boiled egg, you know?”

Well, it would be quite strange if you crushed hard-boiled eggs too. Yes, you there. Don’t be smug about it.
I taught Mariel-chan of the strength she should use when cracking an egg while feeling slightly dizzy. She somehow managed to crack one safely, and although I had to hold her back when she was using soy sauce, Mariel-chan managed to complete her Tamago Kake Gohan.
“W, well then… i, ita, daki… masu!”

Mariel-chan cleared her throat and tasted the Tamago Kake Gohan.


As soon as she tasted it, she started trembling with her eyes cast down.

“W, what’s wrong!? Are you okay?”

Did she perhaps fail with her Clear magic?
However, I don’t think she would be feeling unwell this soon…

“Delicious! The hell is this, I ate it in my past life too, but I don’t remember it being this good!?”

Mariel-chan said this and started vigorously stuffing her cheeks.

“I, I am glad it is to your liking. Ah, right. The katsuobushi…”

When I said that, she stopped eating and presented her bowl… her bowl was empty.

“Seconds please! With katsuobushi!”

… Yup, I am glad she seems to like it.

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