Chapter 29

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The conclusion is.
The one who brought me back the pocket watch from the Night Wolf and the gaze observing me is this Raven Harpy.
Because this child doesn’t understand my and Neesan’s language well, I had a little trouble conversing.

On the first day, I went to the plains.
She mistook me for a human, attacked me and was defeated.
What normally happens after that is that she would be killed or depending on the situation, violated.
However, I didn’t do either.
Well, it’s not that I didn’t want to kill her, I simply couldn’t. And I don’t have raping for a hobby.
In the first place, I’m dead. The sexual desire within me doesn’t even exist.
I have overlooked this child because I simply wanted to avoid her.
I don’t want to kill beings similar to human, it was because of such a selfish reason.

This child then found me several days later.
It seems that I just finished hunting.
Because she didn’t know that I’m an Undead, she thought it was very strange that I was leaving a hunted prey as it is without eating it.
She happily ate it.
Although harpies can fly, they are not strong enough to find food every day.
If she was lucky, she would get to eat the rotting meat of games of other monsters.
She told me with a difficult expression that it was a while since she ate fresh meat.

Since then, she started following me around.
She doesn’t know about Evolution so she was perplexed about my real intentions, but she was happy that she could get fresh meat daily.
Certainly, if you look closely, you can see that her complexion is better than before.
With good nutrition income, the body that was once only bones and skin started showing signs of femininity.
I think I understand now.
Did you watch me in order to secure food?
I leave all hunted prey as it is. If I think about it, it must have been hard to come fortune for this child.
Because both I and Neesan don’t need to eat, I did not notice such a simple thing.
Anyway, this child who started following me because of food started feeling something like a “Gratitude” towards me.




Then, one day, I was robbed of my belongings by a Night Wolf.
From above, she could see that I was really anxious, she could easily understand how important that thing was to me.
Flying in the sky with the terrific eyesight she was born with, she immediately found the Night Wolf and thanks to it being injured, she was able to successfully bring it down.
And in order not to get discovered, she delivered the pocket watch to me from the skies.

However, to not get scratched from that height, the pocket watch would need to be really lucky.
When I ask her how she did it, she stands on the ground and gently flaps her wings once.
Instantly, a small whirlwind appears out of nowhere.
…… I see, she delivered it with this.
Although I didn’t know about her gratitude, she was able to return the favor at least a little this way.
She says joyfully.

And, this time.
When she started following me as always, she found me surrounded by bats.
She misunderstood that I was being attacked, and went to my rescue immediately.
However, right when she was ready to kick the bats, they scattered to all sides, so she stopped her attack and decelerated.
But the space she had left for deceleration was too small and she collided with me.
I caught her like that, and we came into unexpected second contact…… That’s how it is.
I troubled Neesan to lend me her bats yet I wasn’t able to use them.
However, this child wouldn’t come out if it weren’t for the bats so…… it doesn’t matter.
I ask her why did she not appear on her own.
It seems she wouldn’t know what to say once we met.
…… If I was in a reverse situation, certainly I wouldn’t know too.

About an hour passed since I started listening to her story.
Well, it took some time, but I finally know the reason behind this child’s observing.
You can say that load has been taken from my mind.

After finishing the talk, the harpy suddenly spreads her wings and prostrates on the ground.
This is an act of『Obedience』for flying beings like her.


…… I, useful, be. Therefore, toget, her.


The Harpy girl eagerly appeals.
I’m at a loss.
The feelings of gratitude she feels towards me are merely the result of my selfishness.
If I don’t hunt for Magic power like this, I will remain a corpse.
It’s not like I left the carcasses, particularly for this girl.
In the first place, she is someone I tried to kill.
She should resent me, not feel gratitude towards me.

However, she didn’t listen.
I later became aware that Harpy’s feelings run deep, and sometimes they refer the beings they feel gratitude towards to as “Master”.
At this time, her instincts already engraved me as her Master.
In the end, I wasn’t able to come up with a good way to send her away, so I allowed her to follow me.

…… But, when I see her figure joyfully walking behind me, oh well, is what I think.
I notice that wry smile floated on my face and scratch my head while sighing.

Now then…… How am I going to explain this to Neesan?

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