Chapter 30

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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I’m confronted by a Sword Lion in the plains.
A lion with rapier-like thorns on its mane roars, exposing its fangs.
…… The odds are against me if confronting it head-on.

However, that…… would be only if I was alone.
I stoop down and start running towards it without hesitation.
I intercept the Sword Lion after confirming its movement.

A small whirlwind coiled around its face.
It’s a slightly stronger gentle breeze that can’t leave a satisfying wound.
However, it blows the soil and sand into Sword Lion’s eyes, rendering them useless for a moment.
The Lion is surprised at the sudden incident and stops its movement.

I stab towards the desperate monster’s brow.
Without altering my aim, I use the handsword for a certain kill.
The Sword Lion falls down without agony.
That body…… will never get up again.

When the battle ends, one Raven Harpy descends behind me from above.
When I turn back my head, a black pair of eyes look up to me from below.
It looks at me as if saying praise me, praise me. I smile wryly.

I gently pat this child’s, “Misha’s” head.




That day, I brought back a Harpy with me to the labyrinth.
And, I wanted to explain to Neesan, but…… she didn’t want to talk with me.
…… It was the first time I saw Neesan pupils…… become like mine.
I was really saved that she cheered up after three hours of hair caressing, nail clipping and letting her lie on my lap.

Anyway, somehow Neesan was willing to “Keep” this child――My expression was little resistant, but Neesan stubbornly overlooked it――After receiving permission, we went hunting together.
Compared to me who relies on Heat detection, she, the Harpy can see 2km ahead.
Her flight speed is also high, she is ideal for locating prey.

However, her offensive power is overwhelmingly lacking, so she has difficulty hunting the monsters directly.
Hence, until now, she was able to eat only half-eaten rotting corpses.
The little whirlwind she creates using wind magic is not suitable to fight.
It can distract the enemy for several seconds, but…… asking her to defeat it in that time is impossible.

However, her supporting abilities are considerably high.
An ability which allows her to locate prey without being discovered.
Although the little whirlwind can’t be used as an offensive ability, it’s certainly effective for blinding the opponent.
Both are abilities which I need a lot, and above all, she listens to me well.
As for hunting partners goes, she is the most excellent.
…… Although Neesan’s bad mood is slightly troublesome.






My efficiency rises significantly when hunting with Misha.
Not mentioning that I can find the prey easily, I am now able to hunt two more monsters I couldn’t before.
Sword Lion, Violent Serpent.
I am able to take on monsters I couldn’t when I was alone with Misha’s follow-up.
The time hunting didn’t change, but the Magic power obtained raised by several times.
The speed at which I’m obtaining the Magic power is considerably high even among Immortals.

I pat Misha’s head again when seeing her cutting the Sword Lion’s meat.
Thanks to her, I will be able to Evolve much earlier than I expected.
…… This time, I will obtain it. A warm living body.
If that happens, I will be able to leave this Dark zone.
Mou, I haven’t seen the sunlight for so long.
Although I certainly don’t dislike this red moon rising over the plains.
Anyway, I just want to see the sun.

My sleeve is suddenly pulled.
I look and see Misha looking at me while tilting her head.
…… It seems my expression was a bit grim. I have made her worry about me.
No problem. This body can’t feel pain after all.
I pat her head again after saying so.
A smile floats on my face after seeing Misha close her eyes in satisfaction.




I wait for Misha to finish her meal.
Then, after continuing hunting for a while, I confirm the time.
…… It’s time to return.
Since she『Kept』…… this child, her temper became bad.
If I don’t return early and flatter her, she will sulk.

We are returning, I tell Misha.
I turn on my heels and return to the labyrinth.
I can hear light footsteps following behind me.
…… I am now completely used to having someone walking behind me.
I walk slightly slower than when I walk alone.




Freezing Undead” Himuro Takahina
130th Day.
Present Magic Power/Magic Power Containment Limit: 1388/1621

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