Chapter 33

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Shardia in the East.
Volthaizen in the West.
And Mashenoisas in the North.

This world…… This continent, Baveron is divided mainly by these three countries.
The Red Rouge Plains and Mountain Range of Dusk are territories belonging to one of those countries…… Shardia.
This place is located in the most eastern part of this eastern country.
Hence, it is said that after crossing the Mountain range it is possible to see the end of the world.

However, I don’t have the necessary power to cross the Mountain range yet.
Thanks to the effect of eating Neesan’s hair, I was able to Rank Skip from Rank 2 to Rank four and became an Undead Ice Angel.
It’s a mixture of an Immortal class and Angel class.
Its rareness exceeds that of a Vampire.
Among monsters of the same Rank 4, it’s ability is top rank.
The best of the adventurers and the Imperial Knights of the three countries are able to match against Rank 5 monsters…… I can roughly understand their strength.

Even after obtaining such power, I’m unable to cross the Mountain range.
The reason for that is…… because all the monsters residing in the Mountain Range of Dusk are Rank 6 and above.

The number of monsters of each rank decreases the higher their rank is.
And the number of Rank 6 and above monsters living in this Mountain Range exceeds the number of Rank 6 and above monsters living all over the world.
A lot of Magic power is manufactured at night and gathers in one place, drawing all the strong monsters in.
Therefore, humans are able to thrive even without being able to defeat high-rank monsters.
Powerful monsters of Demon King class are not interested in humans in the first place.

I strayed from my talk.
Although I’m interested in the end of the world, I don’t think I want to see it that much after assuming the high risk it would take.
Therefore, I will pass on crossing the Mountain range.
The route which I can take is to go around Shardia and search for a resurrection method.
Then, I turn towards West and face the Magic Country Volthaizen.
Or should I aim for the country in the North, Mashenoisas which designated a hero of that time as their forefather?
I have three choices.

Neesan tells me that it would be better to stay away from Mashenoisas.
Not sure if it’s the truth or a lie, but apparently 1000 years ago, their founder a hero, defeated a Demon King, and since then they are awfully hostile towards monsters.
Certainly, by looking for hero’s heritage I may find what I’m looking for, but…… it certainly sounds troublesome.

If that’s the case, it’s either to stay in Shardia or head towards Volthaizen.
I ask Neesan for her suggestion.


It seems that she has another residence, or I should rather say a castle located in Shardia.
She suggests that I should make it my base and thoroughly look around the country.

Certainly, a base would be nice to have. A place where I can gather and record information is necessary.
After thinking for a while, I decided to stay in Shardia just as Neesan suggested.
In the first place, this was too sudden. I should look thoroughly one-by-one.
I will have to visit the other countries soon…… but, now is not the right time.
What I have to do, what I’m aiming to do is naturally a taboo in every province.
Therefore, vast information gathering is necessary.

The revival of the dead.
In the case of living, every person thought about it at least once.
At the same time, many challengers aspire to get hold of it.
A miracle or a curse, a god’s gift or the works of a demon. It can be considered both.
That is a “Magic tool”.
Items of various materials containing different types of magic.
Their rarity value is so high, you will hardly come across one.
But as long as there’s a possibility, I have no choice, but to try.

I can’t consider it as a gleam of hope, but as the faintest, skinniest hope instead.
However, I have decided to do it.
With these cowardly hands that can’t take away a life anymore.
I will pick a fight with this world’s law of the jungle.
I have made a decision.
…… Therefore, I must get much stronger.
In order to stick to my own selfishness.
I, who can’t kill, in order to not break anything.

Normally, I would have to kill other monsters in order to get stronger.
That is the principle of life for monsters.
In order to escape from that yoke, one must resign oneself and become strong.
Normally, huh.

One, just one.
There is a way to increase Magic power without killing.
No. You can’t call it a way, but an underhanded trick.
I already obtained the means. By Evolving.
I can’t control it to a satisfactory level yet, but I have no other way.

I’m wielding a single weapon that won’t kill anything.
A weapon that can’t kill…… just a mere, single, slender sword.

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