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The Name’s Bow Princess
In Shardia on a certain main road.
It’s a sunny day.

“W, whoaaaaaaa!”

A shriek of agony resounds under this cloudless sky.
The surrounding area is already dyed in blood.


More than a two meter-large wolf howls in delight after bringing down prey.
Then, many wolves of a similar size flock around a carriage.
This wolf is called an Army Wolf. The wolves who form a pack and hunt together.
It’s a B class monster which can take down several trained soldiers.
They who annihilated 10 mercenaries hired by the merchants in about five minutes, now surrounded the frightened merchants, not leaving them with a chance to escape.

“I, it’s over……”

One of the merchants mutters.
One of the Army wolves leaps towards the merchant with the best body physique.
That moment.


The moment the wolf opened its drooling mouth, a jet-black arrow flies from somewhere and pierces the wolf’s forehead.
Dying in the air, the wolf’s body falls down to the ground in a parabola.
Merchants stare in wonder at the unexpected turn of events.
It’s the same on the side of the wolves, but being monsters with bright minds, they start vigilantly looking around for the person who shot the arrow.
But, before they could react, two more arrows flew their way.
The same arrows cutting through the wind shot two more wolves to death.
Finally, wolves were able to find the hindrance who disturbed their hunt.

“Because I heard a shriek and a howl I came to take a look…… what a terrible thing.”

A lone girl with brown hair tied up behind showed her appearance.
Charming slant eyes, undisputedly beautiful facial features, simple, but lovely attire.
Although she holds a Shortbow in her hand, the two quivers of different size on her back tell of the probable existence of a Longbow.
The girl exudes the atmosphere of an expert.
Sensing that, the Army wolves change the target from the merchants to this girl who killed their three comrades in a surprise attack.
There are 15 of them. It would be a very dangerous situation even for an R rank adventurer.

“…… Fufu.”

However, that girl shows her teeth while laughing.
Immediately after that, she amazingly quickly shoots three arrows.
Each of the arrows flew in a different direction and easily went through three Army wolves.
One of the wolves was shot right in the middle of its brow and the second one had his heart pierced. The third wolf was shot in a shoulder, barely escaping with his life, but in few seconds, it collapsed on the ground while blowing bubbles from its mouth.
The other wolves immediately noticed with their noses that the arrow is covered in poison.
The wolf alpha howls loudly and the wolves disperse.
The movements of their considerably large bodies were unexpectedly swift and light.
The Army Wolves surround the girl.

“They seem to stop……”


The girl easily flies out of the encirclement and shoots an arrow through one wolf’s brow again.
The merchants and even the wolves were dumbfounded by the girl’s godlike bow technique.
She takes an arrow from the quiver, loads it in the bow, she then pulls the string, aims, and releases.
The girl was able to accomplish this series of movements only in a few seconds.
The slaughtered mercenaries from before couldn’t even compare with such dexterity.


However, be it pride of a strong being or the pride of a wolf.
The wolf leader is unable to admit to the fact that he has been driven into a corner.
After seeing their leader fall to the girl’s arrows, the remaining five Army Wolves ran away.




After the menace ran away, the startled merchants ran up to the girl.

“T, thank you very much! Thanks to you, we were saved!!”
“Really! Really thank you very much!”

Being thanked by men in tears, the girl turned away in embarrassment.

“…… There’s no need to thank me…… Besides, I wasn’t able to save the mercenaries.”

Seeing the girl looking at the disastrous scene, the merchants lowered their heads.
Escorting the merchants is a long-term job.
They formed friendly relationships with half of the dead mercenaries after traveling together for so long.

“…… We can’t leave them like that, I will help you bury them.”
“No…… The least we can do is to carefully bury them with our own hands.”
“…… I see.”

She looks at the backs of merchants who burying the corpses of the mercenaries.

“…… Comrades…… huh.”

She mutters sorrowly and sighs.
The girl turns on her heels.

“…… Well then, goodbye. It’s only a few hours to the city with the carriage and other monsters will stay away because of the Army Wolves scent.”
“Eh…… ah, please wait for a second! At least, let us thank you somehow!”
“There’s no need to since I only happened to pass by. If you can afford it you should visit the families of the deceased mercenaries.”

The girls wave her hand and depart.
One of the merchants cried out loudly.

“T, then, at least your name!”
“Hm?? Let’s see, will you let me go if I tell you that I don’t have a name?”
“Please, tell us! Not knowing the name of our lifesaver will bring shame to us as merchants!”
“Shame? So exaggerated…… Well, the name should be alright.”

The girl turns with slightly angry expression at the wryly smiling merchants.

“I am Merlin, Merlin Macherey. Your average adventurer searching for someone. Well then, this time, it’s a goodbye.”

That girl――Merlin says and turns on her heels again.
She gets off the main road and disappears into the thick forest.





After this, in a while.
Rumors about certain Archer start spreading.
It said that she can shot 10 arrows with her Shortbow in a blink of an eye.
That she can shoot her Longbow across two mountains with pinpoint accuracy.
Certainly, godlike archery skills with arrows comparable to Magic bullets.
Her name is, Merlin Macherey.

Her nickname――”Bow Princess

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