Side Story 2

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The Angel Vows in Front of the Raven’s Grave
In front of the Red Rouge Plains.
There is a lone figure standing before a small hill.


With both hands in his pockets, his cold silver hair is fluttering above his shoulders.
That youth――Himuro Takahina turns towards the brand new gravestone.

His knees bend, and he kneels before the grave.
He pulls out his hands from the pockets and puts them in front of his face.


Takahina closes his eyes while calling out the name of the sleeping girl.
In order to pray and wish.
He talks while remaining motionless.

“…… Thanks to you, I didn’t break that day. Thank you.”

He whispers his gratitude.
Even thousands of apologies wouldn’t be enough towards the girl Takahina was so proud of.
While thinking so, he continued to talk.

“…… I wasn’t able to make you into an Undead, turning you into my follower. I didn’t want to give you this coldness.”

Misha could become an Undead just like me.
She would become my follower.
That way, we could be together again.

However, once that happened, Misha would no longer be Misha.
…… I surely wouldn’t be able to bear such a thing.
Therefore, I didn’t do it.
I wished for her to live until the end.
Therefore, for now, please sleep peacefully.
Takahina prays, wishing such.

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