Chapter 32

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A red moon is floating as always in the center of the starless sky.
Caught in a thin veil of clouds, it looks magically beautiful.



…… I wonder why…… am I looking up at the moon?



Today’s memories are awfully vague.
My body which should not feel neither the pain nor fatigue feels too heavy.
I’m having trouble even with the slightest movements.

I quietly lower my sight.
There is a scourge of flesh and blood scattered all over the surroundings.
There are more than 20 monsters exposing their horrid corpses.
Night Wolf, Tsuchigumo, Sword Lion, Violent Serpent, Man-Eating Worm.
That’s not all. Even a Werecat, Werewolf, Lamia and Dragonewt.
More than half of the species living in the plains were destroyed, barely keeping their original appearance.

…… Why…… Why did it become like this?
This cruel scene can’t be described in words.
This is a scene of a massacre.
Who, what did this?
Even the strongest monster in the Red Rouge Plains I know, the Dragonewt was slaughtered.
Was something chased out of the Mountain Range of Dusk and came here?
Or was it a deed of some powerful monster I’m not aware of?
Just what happened here――






I raise my foot trying to walk away while in thoughts.
Toes of my foot lightly kick something.
I pull out my foot and try to look down on reflex.



That moment――My body shivers.



Don’t look. You must not see it.
Such cry resounds in the deepest parts of my heart.
A chill, far beyond the cold.
The hollow memories concealed in a haze, give me the highest possible warning.
Don’t look, don’t look, the voice keeps yelling at me.

However, I shake my head and brush off that voice.
Then, like a sluggish, rusty doll, I look down with awkward movements.
I face down.





At first, I couldn’t understand.
No. My heart just refused to understand.

A badly bruised body.
If you look closely, I look the same way, but that is inconsequential.
The heat that should originally be there, can’t be felt anymore.
The closed eyelids won’t ever open again.
That’s right, Magic Profess conveyed it to me.

As if the erosion in my head starts disappearing, I gradually remember.
The smiling face that bloomed whenever patted by my hand.
Black wings with the highest quality feathers that retained their unique gloss.
Limbs which regained their femininity thanks to the good nutrition.
All of it, covered in own blood…… robbed of the radiance of life.

Always walking behind me, looking up to me, the Harpy girl, Misha.
That girl, her appearances are completely changed.
She lies…… at my feet.





…… Right.
We were hunting as always.
We had bad luck during the middle of a fight.
The belligerent Pseudo-humans looking for me felt the presence of a battle and came.
Before I was able to escape, other monsters heard the commotion and made an appearance.

I was trying to somehow escape.
However, I was surrounded and attacked at once.

But, Misha.
Unlike me, an Immortal who won’t die unless the head is separated from the body.
She, a mortal who will die after losing blood, protected me.
One of the attacks she received, pierced through her heart.
Then, even without being able to say her last words.
Misha…… died.

I have killed.
I have slaughtered those who killed her.
Pseudo-humans, monsters, everything.
From anger and resentment.
Pseudo-humans which I was avoiding, I have murdered them all.
I have asked who could do such a thing?
What I was talking about…… Wasn’t this my own work?





After remembering everything, I crumble down on the ground from the shock.
And hold Misha’s body in my arms.
The soft feathers I was fond of are covered in blood…… her body already lost the warmth.

…… Gone, again.
Lost before me again.
Just like before…… it’s the same as when I was alive.
I had a very important person.
That child died before my eyes just like Misha.
And again, I lost someone.
A person important to me.
An existence, I sincerely longed to be with.

A drop falls on Misha’s worn-out face.
I immediately think that it’s going to rain.
But then I notice, that these are actually my tears.

Tears…… even though I’m a corpse?
Right after my question, the pain runs through my whole body.
An intense pain I once felt before.
…… I’m not getting any information from Profess.
But, the cause is obvious.



…… Evolution, huh?



A pain fierce enough to lose my consciousness.
However, a thing like this.
In comparison with the pain of losing Misha who won’t wake up anymore.

I hug her body which became cold.
While doing so, my tears fall down endlessly.
The pain from deep sorrow causes me to feel like my heart is being pierced by countless swords.
She won’t come back even if I avenge her.
Although it’s already too late, I understand this fact.


For the first time since I died…… I scream from sorrow.





Freezing Undead” Himuro Takahina
138th Day.
Present Magic Power/Magic Power Containment Limit: 1659/1621
※Magic Power Containment Limit exceeded. Starting the Evolution.
※A fixed amount of high-quality Magic power acquired. Skipping from Rank 2 to Rank 4.
※Due to the Evolution, part of the lost memories was successfully restored.

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