Chapter 28

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I tell Neesan about the gaze.
I tell her that when I enter the plains, I have the feeling of being observed.
I don’t know where or by whom I am watched.
However, I don’t feel any hostility, so there was no real harm.
When I return to the labyrinth, the gaze instantly vanishes.

I find it creepy.
In the beginning, I looked for the gaze desperately.
…… However, I couldn’t find anything with my detection abilities.
Because the gaze didn’t do anything, I recently put my thoughts about it aside.

However, yesterday.
When a Night Wolf stole my pocket watch and I was searching for it wholeheartedly.
Before I noticed, the pocket watch fell to my feet.
If my hunch is correct, then it was the gaze that dropped the pocket watch.
However, I understand neither the reason nor the method.
And, the most important thing…… The other side finally started approaching me.
With the present situation not being stagnant anymore, the gaze’s next move will probably come soon.
I tell Neesan what’s on my mind.

However, Neesan tells me that she doesn’t know well what’s happening either.
Well, I should have expected this. In the first place, the information is too abstract and this is her holiday villa.
Because she isn’t interested in the ecosystem of monsters in the plains, she doesn’t know that much.
Neesan’s presence detection is poor and the number of foolish monsters that want to pick a fight with her is almost non-existent.
Unlike monsters in the labyrinth, there are many intelligent monsters outside.
Most of those guys will surely not get even close to Neesan.
In reality, Neesan doesn’t even know half of the plains’ monsters that I know.
In other words, being born as an overwhelmingly strong Vampire had an adverse effect on Neesan.

It may be possible to find the gaze using her bats.
I thought so for a moment, but that would require Neesan to stand outside.
However, if I am together with this person, the gaze would most likely not appear.
It would be meaningless.
…… Then, I must find it somehow on my own after all.

This is bad, I can’t think of a good plan.
I’m trying to figure something out.
Suddenly, Neesan rocks her neck with her arms folded.


…… Ah.


She leaks out a small voice.




I walk outside like always.
What is not as always, is that 15 bats are flying around me.

These are fragments that Neesan lent me in order to find the gaze.
Normally, all the obtained information would go to Neesan.
However, she temporarily transferred the authority to me. That way, the information will go to me.
…… Therefore, I would like you to tell me such things sooner.
When I heard her say this, I unintentionally spilled such words from my mouth.
She put her hands on her ears and started saying「I can’t hear you, I can’t hear you」.

However, this way, I can look for the gaze.
Because of the magic in my body, I can’t use more bats, but this should be enough.
I walk around the plains as usual, while waiting for the feeling of being observed.
When the feeling appears, the bats will seize the culprit.

It has been roughly a month since being observed, but that will come to an end today.
I don’t know who the opponent is, but…… I will definitely drag you out.





…… It’s here.
It turned towards me, I can feel it clearly.
But, strangely, the gaze feels somewhat hostile.
But, what is it? It’s slightly different from the usual.
As if swaying, as if it’s strength is flickering.
If I had to express it, it seems as if perplexed.
However, why does the gaze seems to be perplexed?
I think about it a little.
I recognize the bats flying around me as the cause.
…… Indeed. Certainly different from the usual state.
It has observed me for about a month, did it get accustomed to me?
Therefore, it’s puzzled over the change.
I can find it like this. I just have to look for monsters in the surroundings with suspicious behavior.

I let all bats out at once with such thoughts.
Suddenly, a response within the range of Heat detection.
The position, sky. It looks over here from straight above.
From the Heat detection, I can tell that the gaze is in a strong state of anxiety and confusion.

Is this fellow the gaze?
I see…… Were you observing me from above?
The eyesight of bird-type monsters is not ordinary. They can clearly see even from 1km distance.
But, what is this?
This fellow didn’t show any movement until just yesterday when it dropped the pocket watch. There were no other movements so why now?

While thinking so, the Heat detection responds.
Its temperature rises with the intention of an attack.
This is bad…… are you doing it?
This fellow didn’t show its purpose until now, but am I the prey after all?
The size is a little smaller than me.
I ready my handsword, ready to counterattack.
I disperse all the borrowed bats in order to avoid damage.

Sudden deceleration.
The opponent’s temperature distorts, its intention to attack disappears, and feelings of perplexment rise instead.
What, I don’t have time to think.
Because my timing is fatally out of sync., I give up all my thoughts and collide with the heat.
…… However, the expected impact is lighter than I thought.
I wasn’t able to attack, but I successfully caught the heat.

I open my eyes and turn towards the gaze.
The first thing I see is a pair of black eyes.
I can feel a soft feeling through my dull sense of touch.


Almost as if I was embracing, one feathered Raven Harpy is settled in my arms.

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