Chapter 27

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――I run.
I drop my posture and run like some wild beast.
An ordinary person wouldn’t be able to catch up to me.
I run through the plains in a straight line.
…… Where is it.
I use only my eyes without moving my head, always maintaining the same line of sight.
My Heat detection is extended to the maximum range I can perform while running, and I feel every heat within the range.
…… Where did you run to?
Today, I’m not worried only about the usual gaze.
No. I can’t even afford to be bothered by the gaze.
I stop my legs to break with all my might and jump greatly.
That way, I floated several meters in the air, which allowed me to see as far as possible.
…… I can’t see it.
That can’t be.
My sight is good no matter how dark it is, and above all, it shouldn’t be able to discover me in the middle of the night.

Today, I hunted as always.
In the middle of my hunt, I found a wounded Night Wolf.
My pocket watch fell out of my pocket during the hunt.
It briefly attracted my attention and the Night Wolf escaped.
…… If that was it, how good would that be?
I don’t know what that fellow was thinking about, but he escaped with my pocket watch in his mouth.
I got it from Neesan…… My important watch.

It’s not something I can afford to lose.
I will definitely find it. If not, I will be too ashamed to show my face before Neesan.
Where did that Night Wolf disappear to?
No matter how much I raised my speed, the opponent is a wolf.
I can’t match its speed on foot.

But my body doesn’t get tired at all.
If I keep chasing, I will be definitely able to catch up.
I’m certain it ran this way. It may hide in the grass and I just didn’t see it.
I stop at once and expand the Heat detection range as far as possible.
…… More than 200 meters radius. Thanks to the increase in Magic power, my Heat detection range increased again.
I feel the heat of beasts.
The result is――Zero?
Give me a break. I certainly saw that fellow go this way.
Did I made a mistake or it changed its direction?
However, even if that was true that’s not important.
What is important right now, is only the thief dog who stole my pocket watch.
If it didn’t escape this way, then where?
I came across the location the Night Wolf escaped to.
If that fellow changed his direction here, did he escape to the right or to the left?

Let’s think about it.
If I was a Night Wolf, how would I escape from someone who is stronger than me in every aspect, but speed?

I calculate the routes I would escape to and check them thoroughly one-by-one.
But, the results were not good.

It’s only natural. Because I’m not used to tracking an opponent obstinately like that.
I hunt a prey whom I come across and move to the next target no matter if I succeed or fail.
I’m doing this such a way.
My tracking technique is poor. I have never attempted to try it out.
…… However. I will absolutely not let that fellow escape from me.

That pocket watch is present I have received from Neesan together with this butler suit.
That “Thing” is most important to me.
If I lose that, I wouldn’t be able to apologize to Neesan enough.

It has been three hours since I started searching.
It will be more difficult to search as time passes.
When it comes to this, I will have to hunt every Night Wolf in the plains.
…… I started thinking half-seriously.
I hear something from behind.
As expected, I was too preoccupied with the pocket watch so I didn’t pay attention, I quickly turn around.
However. Nothing was in the place I heard the sound from.
Then, what was the sound I heard just now<
Thinking such, I look around the vicinity.

The moment I lowered my eyes down to my feet, I couldn’t believe my eyes.
Because the pocket watch I frantically looked for, fell there.
I pick it up before thinking about it.
After confirming whether it is damaged or not, I open the lid.
The time ticked away without suffering any damage.

While feeling relieved a doubt was raised at the same time.
Naturally, until a while ago, the watch was not there.
I remember the sound from a while ago.
That was most likely the sound of watch falling on the ground.
But, why?
It’s impossible to think that the watch the Night Wolf ran away with would return on their own.
Did someone get it back?
Such thought flashes across my mind, however, who was it?
Neesan? She should be still asleep, besides, she does not do things in such a roundabout way.
If that’s the case, then who――?

Then, I noticed.
That gaze disappeared again.
Until a moment ago, it was watching me from somewhere.
No way, was that the doing of the gaze?
However, I don’t understand the reason for doing that.
The purpose of watching me, everything.

…… It’s no use.
Because I don’t want to worry about it that much, let’s consult Neesan about it.
First, I must return to the labyrinth. Today, I’m considerably later than usual.
Let’s hurry. Although Neesan told me before that she likes waiting.
I…… if anything, hate waiting or being late.







A young Raven Harpy is flying high in the sky with a Night Wolf’s head caught in her feet, watching Takahina.
Once she confirms that Takahina returned to the labyrinth, she nods in satisfaction.。
She then flies away to her nest.

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