Chapter 26

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I was troubling Neesan.
Well, she taught me really necessary things beforehand, and above all, I can’t say that she doesn’t take care of me.
…… Hey. More importantly, I’m currently in the middle of hunting. I shouldn’t be lost in thoughts.
I jump down from large boulder after looking around.

What I was looking for on the large boulder was the Man-Eating Worm, Man-Eater.
It can’t attack me from the ground when I’m standing on a boulder.
It’s a simple, but effective method.

I feel the gaze on me today too.
Rather, I feel like it gets stronger day by day.
Is this thanks to the strengthening of my detection ability?
Or the gaze itself became stronger?
I don’t know which it is either…… but, if it’s the latter then it’s bad.

Who or why is that entity watching me is unknown.
However if, it finds an opportunity to attack me…… No.
That’s not going to happen. I shake my head while thinking such.
If it wanted to surprise attack me, it would have already done so a long time ago.
Especially, I ascertain my prey when I attack, so I’m always attacking a suitable target.

Honestly, I’m used to attacking, but I’m not used to being attacked.
I’m paying attention, but I’m unguarded for a moment here and there.
I’m an amateur. My techniques are still unskilled.
I was not taken by surprise so far because I’m filling that gap with Life and Heat detection.
I think that it’s also a result of luck aiding me.

…… Meeting Neesan was lucky, making it this far without having an accident is also lucky.
My number one strengths are my nonexistent presence of Undead and my handsword that is sharper than edged tools.
However, narrowly escaping death all the time is most likely thanks to the『Good Luck』.
I want to acquire suitable abilities, while it is still accompanying me.




I was able to hunt three games today.
The time it took is approximately two hours.
I run around the plains in order to ensure to come across a designated target.
One in 40 minutes is sufficient performance.

I was almost discovered by a Pseudo-human.
A monster with the lower part of the body of a snake, a “Lamia”.
It’s sprawling in the grass, searching for prey.
It seems to be searching for prey with Heat detection after all. If I was a few seconds slower to hide, I would be discovered.

Movements of Lamia who has characteristics of a snake is unexpectedly swift.
If I was discovered, just how hard would it be to get away?
…… Recently, I may have gotten too comfortable at hunting and became a little careless.
Although I was caught in Lesser Evil’s trap just recently. I do not learn.
Let’s reflect.




Because I had a bad feeling all of sudden while walking, I jump behind.
In an instant. The ground rises and ugly Earthworm jumps out of the underground.


Tsu, dangerous……!


If my reaction was one-second slower, I would be eaten.
Surprise and fear run through my whole body.
That instantly turns into frustration, I restore my collapsed posture, and this time, jump forward.
The Man-Eater wiggles its body and tries to return underground.
I don’t miss such a big opening and drive my handsword through its body.
The lump of fat gives a soft and tender response.
The Man Eater’s head disconnected from its body and feebly fell to the ground.

That surprised me.
I remove the fluids stuck to my hand after looking at the non-responsive body.
I thought I was going to die.
No matter how you look at it, I would definitely die if that thing swallowed me.
Although I’m already dead.

But, still.
I’m still moving.
This isn’t the first time something like that happened.
I’m experiencing the moment of life and death again and again.
And each time, I have survived by the skin of my teeth.
I’m amazed at the strength of my devil’s luck.

…… Let’s return.
Anger and fear don’t last long in my chilled brain and heart.
Only emotions of wanting to work harder remain.
I’m tired. It’s earlier than usual, but let’s return.

When I return, I will probably go to Neesan’s room who is waiting for me at the entrance.
I will fix her bed hair and we will play together.
Let’s go hunting again when she goes to sleep.
At that time…… I will surely struggle as usual.




On the way back.
I notice that the gaze suddenly vanishes again.

Just what on earth is this fellow’s purpose?
I’m almost certain that it doesn’t want to attack me.
It would be strange if that wasn’t the case because I don’t feel any thirst for blood from the gaze.
But, if it’s not watching me for the purpose of surprise attacking me, then why?
Something, is it waiting for me to do something?
What is it? What is that fellow waiting for?

………… I don’t know.
Freezing Undead” Himuro Takahina
101st Day.
Present Magic Power/Magic Power Containment Limit: 802/1621

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