Chapter 25

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Today, I also practice hard, but as always I can’t even sense the『Ma』 in Magic power.

In the first place, what is Magic power?
Let’s return to the starting point. I ask Neesan to begin the lecture from the beginning.
Because the level of my Magic Professor – Profess has risen, I have not taken a lecture from Neesan like this in quite a while.
Seeing my interest, a small smile forms on Neesan’s expressionless face as if she was waiting for these words.
I have been instructed to sit at the table while she cheerfully prepares.

Magic power is.
While being energy circulating through the world, it’s carried by everything aside from living creatures.
Humans interfere with wooden staves and rings made from metal and depending on the circumstances cause various phenomena.
Humans generally refer to this as “Magic”.

But if it’s like this, then why existences like me, Neesan and monsters can directly carry Magic power?
The premise of that question differs.
For example, how can a mineral that is used for bait emit a magic power?
How can a creature have the capabilities to Magic power on their body hair or scales?
In the first place, how can undead like me, a creature that died carry Magic power?

That way, for every species there’s a different way to carry the Magic power.
These creatures in general terms are referred to as “Monsters”.
Naturally, the magic that monsters handle differs from humans.
On the contrary, it could be said that every species have different Magic.
Hence, humans think of it as “Extrajudicial” and that it should be removed.
Magic is only our skill, it is our advantage, Neesan said.

By the way, what Neesan is teaching me is one of the Extrajudicial ways, a technique used by Vampires.
Rather, she doesn’t know anything else.
Because, Immortal – Undead is similar species to Immortal – Vampire, the theory behind the use of Magic should be the same.
Her race’s Magic power is far superior in quality and quantity and in addition vampires have talent that I lack.
Acquiring Vampire’s Magic must be like a dream within a dream.
When I mutter so, Neesan nods in agreement.

Even though Undead is running on the Magic power itself, but because of inherently low intelligence they are unsuitable to use Magic in the first place.
Though I feel slightly tired from not obtaining results, I don’t think I can be more motivated than I am now.
…… After all, do I have to use every trick in the book?
It seems that learning human magic would be a way to go.
Originally, I was a being without any Magic at all. Millions of human beings use this Magic so it most likely the easiest to understand.
But the problem is, how should I learn it?
Neesan does not understand Human letters.
However, there would be no stupid fool who would teach me Magic.
Do not forget that I was chased before.
For humans, monsters are enemies.

…… I have a feeling that the road to learning Magic is still far away.
Should I consider a different method of strengthening my detection?……






Incidentally, I was able to learn something new after Evolving.
As a matter of fact, this method is usable by all type of monsters, but the efficiency differs.
Others can’t even compare to us, the Immortal class who store the Magic power directly in their bodies, which increases the Magic absorption efficiency to impressive levels.
If I wasn’t an Immortal, Evolving after a few months wouldn’t be possible.
…… I see. Certainly, if every monster evolved at such pace, the world would be full of Demon Kings.
It seems the growth of individuals greatly differs, though it’s impossible to say for sure.

After Evolving, the Magic quality itself increased, while the Magic absorption efficiency decreased.

I vaguely suspect this.
Since I have become Freezing Immortal – Freezing Undead, I have hunted monsters in the labyrinth from time to time, but after confirming the Present Magic power, it increased only vaguely.
The current me is Rank 2. With the exception of Black Salamander, everything else in the labyrinth is Rank 1. Such monsters don’t provide enough Magic power at all.
However, five times the Magic power is needed for the next Evolution. However, the efficiency is only one-tenth of the previous rate.
It’s meaningless to hunt in the labyrinth. I don’t have a choice, but to continue hunting in the plains.
But…… I have to somehow avoid raising the interest of belligerent monsters……
It doesn’t seem like I will run out of worries.

Also, Neesan, could you stop giving me information in such small amounts?
Eh? If you teach me all at once, it would be boring afterward?
Because of the hateful Profess, your screen time has decreased?
You will tell me the necessary things when the time is right, so look forward to it?
Therefore, that’s all for today…… Hey.

She zips her lips with a gesture.
…… What is this?

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