Chapter 24

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…… After all, it’s no use.



After meditating in Nee-san’s room, I open my eyes slowly and my forehead wrinkles.
Nee-san who sit on the bed still dozing off looks at me while giving a small yawn.
I look at her and slowly shake my head.

In order to use magic, one must feel the magic within his body first.
…… But, though Nee-san started teaching me basic of magic since a while ago, I am not able to feel the Magic power at all.
I have felt Magic power once when I defeated Black Salamander, however, that was not intentional.
Nee-san is professional so it’s easy as pie for her to use magic, she told me that I can’t use it because「You have no sophistication」.
Failing at basics of basics is in a sense unusual, I won’t give you a seal of approval anytime soon.
You should give up on magic and concentrate on martial arts instead.
I am told again and again.

But, even I am fully aware of that.
That for someone with zero talent in magic, using a handsword that surpasses many high qualities edged tools is better.

However, there is something I absolutely must learn.
Magic detection. A support Magic that would allow me to become aware of my surroundings.
I feel like someone is watching me recently.
What if that being is concealed with Magic?
That’s not everything I’m concerned about.
Monsters with no temperature can’t be detected by the Heat detection.
There may be comrades slipping through my detection.
As for Life detection, it’s range is too small, and unlike in the labyrinth, there are too many animals of various sizes in the plains to use it with a satisfactory effect.
For surprise attack・assassin type like me, catching prey off guard is most important.
It’s necessary to increase my precision immediately.

However…… As I said before my talent in magic is literally the worst.
I can’t even proceed to basics because I can’t even sense the Magic itself.
How do you teach someone how to fire a gun, when he doesn’t even know how to load a bullet?
Nee-san who gave up in the middle of the lecture is half asleep.
I don’t have any intention to stop at the moment…… but the road seems long.




I run through the plains in search of prey.
The potential of the heat detection increased, but the reliability seems to drop recently.
Because of the feeling of being watched, I can’t even concentrate clearly.

In the first place, it seems that I have depended on the Heat detection way too much.
There seems to be a technique to pinpoint a position of the prey if you look and feel.
But I’m an amateur after all. I, who was an ordinary high school student, couldn’t possibly obtain such technique in my lifetime.

This is impossible even for Nee-san.
When I was under attack of Lesser Evil, she used bats created from her own body, of that I am aware, but in truth, Nee-san’s detection is poor.
She’s way too strong.
She’s opposite to me, an undead who can feel the living beings, Nee-san who is way too strong can’t sense almost anything.
Therefore, in order to increase her visibility, she creates bats and detects by visuals.
When I asked if her bats are not able to do echolocation before, she told me that her bats are classified as Megabats, so it’s impossible.
Also, since that person was born as Vampire, she didn’t bother to learn something she wasn’t able to do like detection.
To put it simply, even Nee-san has her weak points.
I must do something about the detection myself.

I hunt as always while occasionally avoiding Pseudo-humans.
While hunting, I found a new troublesome monster.
It’s name『Men-eating Earthworm』(Men Eater). Approximately a four-meter earthworm that moves under the ground.
Its actual strength is no big deal. I can easily cut its soft body with a single blow.

The problem is its living habitat.
This monster which moves in the underground…… Can’t be detected by heat detection at all.
Right. My detections have almost no effect underground.
I was, fortunately, lucky this time. When this fellow came from underground I was really scared to death.

It was a big deal that I came across this. Until now, I have never thought about enemies underground.
That’s not all. While paying attention to the top, I have to pay attention to the below now too. I may have to pay a high price.
The magic detection and a way to increase my other detections are more and more necessary.
I must somehow become aware of magic while looking for a way to increase my enemy detection.
Either way, some measures are needed.

After killing my last Night Wolf, I decided to return back to the labyrinth.
The eyes that stared at me…… Suddenly disappeared once again.
There was no harm done for now, but it’s really creepy.
…… I feel like my worries are increasing recently.








When the Freezing Undead, Himuro Takahina disappeared in the dark labyrinth,
one Raven Harpy descended to the ground and greedily devoured the Night Wolf’s corpse.

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