Chapter 13

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I have found my prey.
Low-Class Skeleton Soldier(Lesser Skeleton) normally appear sporadically, but I found 7 of them gathered in one room today.
Thanks to the steady increase of the magic in my body, I have reached an equal agility level or maybe even higher than the one from the hazy memories of my previous life
And thanks to the hard leather soles on my shoes, I can run without almost any noise, I have also learned a jump-land technique.
I easily run 50 meters under 6 seconds while being silent, close the distance between me and one of the huddled Skeletons and strike its neck three times in succession.
It dropped down just like that. Because I keep attacking the same way, the magic power in my body acts unconsciously, sharpening the edge of my hand like a knife at the moment of impact.
Nee-san taught me about this mechanism. The magic mechanism that pours information into someone’s head at own convenience.
This method is called the “Magic Profess”. I have learned about this just recently.
It’s a unique magic that grants the target a necessary knowledge.
It’s not something that everyone can do, it’s a magic one is was born with, even if you kill that person, you won’t be able to learn the skill.
It seems that I was able to obtain it after reviving as Immortal(Undead).
Furthermore, in recent days the magic power increased, and the precision of Profess has risen.
With that said, I’m was told that this magic is semi-devil king class magic when fully unlocked, but for now, I can only roughly understand information about my opponent and their race.
However, it’s sufficient. With that much, I can calculate my opponent’s combat capability.
Three are down, only four are remaining. There are no signs of other monsters in the vicinity.
Three Skeletons have swords, the last one has a spear.
I wanted to kill the spear-carrier earlier, but its position was bad.
I am curious why the low intelligence skeletons are huddled together, but now is not the time to think about it.
The enemy has noticed me. I won’t be able to get behind them easily anymore.
From now on it’s not an “Assassination” anymore, but “Fight” instead.

I stoop loosely and begin to move both my arms like a pendulum slowly.
In a case where there are a lot of enemies, annihilating them all without being noticed is still too hard for the present me.
For that reason, I prefer to kill the strong guys in the group first.
I digitize the information from Profess to determine their combat capability.
I have killed the strongest and the second strongest a little while ago.

From here, the possibility of winning without getting injured is about 90%.
Wounds…… If I get wounded by rusty metal tools, the decomposition of my body will accelerate.
And if a part of my body rots, it will spread to my whole body like a virus.
There is no guarantee that I would be healed from that state after evolving.
Rather, I’m concerned about evolving in rotting state.
If that happens, I may never get back living body anymore.
…… Nee-san will most likely abandon me too.
I absolutely don’t want that. Therefore, I must win without getting hurt.
The skeleton with a sword which was the nearest swings down its sword at me.
However, its movements are big, a very docile, sluggish attack.
I slightly step away in order to avoid, and at the same time the sword hit the floor, I swing my right hand calmly.
Its head fell down without any resistance.
As if provoked, two swords attacked me at the same time.
From left horizontally and from right diagonally with a little delay.
However, it’s an attack from someone who can’t cooperate in the first place. I jump behind, and the swords clash with each other, creating an audible sound.
I run, slip between the two and brandish.
With the loss of their heads, the skeletons crumbled down.
With this, 6 are down.
Finally, only the skeleton with the longest reach remains――!?
I suddenly felt a strong chill.
I use the power in my whole body to jump backward.

Immediately after that――The place where I was standing was frozen.

…… Shit.
This was a mistake.
Why did the low intelligence skeletons were huddled together?
I understood immediately after I thought about it for a little.
Just like Undead(me), the Skeletons are able to move thanks to the magic in their bodies.
The special trait of magic is that it increases and decreases physical strength, but it also means “Able to manipulate magic” at the same time.
Because Low-class Skeleton Soldier(Lesser Skeleton) with intelligence is rare, their consciousness can be easily hijacked.

In other words, these Skeletons were operated.
There is another monster behind the Skeleton with the spear.
A creature with a glossy black fur, walking on two goat-like legs.
Lower Devil(Lesser Evil). It’s the only monster in this place (Labyrinth of Everlasting Darkness), that can use magic.
However, this fellow’s threat isn’t so direct.
If it possesses magic, it naturally means it has high intelligence.
Therefore, they act in a group and lure their prey into a trap.
I didn’t detect this fellow before, it seems that he somehow erased his presence.
When I probe my surroundings again, I can feel 7 or 8 similar existences in the vicinity.
……. It appears that I have fallen into their trap.
I trusted my detection ability way too much. If I assumed that there was a magic that can block my detection, I could have avoided this situation.
This was an obvious mistake.
Nee-san told me to not let my guard down or be cocky because I haven’t listened, I’m now in this mess.
The forthcoming of decomposition creeps on me and my eyes get cloudy.
Their objective is most likely Vermut Nee-san. She had annihilated approximately two Lesser Evil groups before, it seems some of them have escaped.
They plan to catch me and lure Nee-san out. Or maybe they want to kill me in revenge.
Either way, this is an emergency.

I pull out the topography of the neighborhood I hammered into my head and overlapped it with the placement of the enemy.
There are three routes to escape.
All of them are blocked.
With my current physical strength, it’s impossible to handle around 10 Lesser Evils that can use magic.

…… But, if it’s one or two.

Unlike the second most powerful monster in the labyrinth, Black Salamander, which I could defeat, dealing with a group of Lesser Evils is much harder.
Among routes, there is one I may possibly break through and escape.
I fixed my eyes at the Lesser Evil controlling the Skeleton carrying the spear that has blocked my way.
If I break through, it will be virtually empty behind.
Before the others come and completely encircle me, I have to break through.
I stoop low and start running with all my might.
Naturally, the Skeleton with the spear blocks my way, but I go straight without minding, using a flying kick.
I crashed into the lightweight Skeleton’s rib cage with all my Undead strength and it crashed into the Lesser Evil standing behind it.
Because the Lesser Evil was proud of its intelligence, it got upset after being outsmarted.
I use that opportunity and get close to the Lesser Evil with a jump.
The Lesser Evil shakes the Skeleton who obstructed its view and our eyes meet.
I, who already closed the distance, moved in to attack.
I took advantage of my power jump and pierced its heart with my hand.
The Lesser Evil died instantly.
I pulled out my bloody hand quickly and step over the corpse while running away――

――My legs, stopped.
On the route which should be virtually empty, another three appeared.
The Lesser Evils that have hidden their presences up until now appeared before me.

……… I was lured in, huh.

The footsteps of a lot of hooves resounded from behind.
My path of retreat was cut off completely.

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