Chapter 12

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Two months has passed since I came to this world.
A Low-Class Skeleton Soldier(Lesser Skeleton), Departed Soul(Ghost), Scavenger(Dust Worm), Rotting Corpse(Zombie).
The number of monsters I had killed exceeded 100.
Still not enough, though. I don’t have the time to be cocky.
I can surely kill small fries without a problem, but I’m honestly concerned about superior monsters that reside in this labyrinth.
I have to be careful even of the lowest class demon, Lower Devil(Lesser Evil).
Corpse-Eating Dragon(Hannibal)’s sub-species is the Large Black Lizard(Black Salamander).
It looks like these two are the strongest beings in the 『Labyrinth of Everlasting Darkness』.
By the way, about Hannibal. It seems that he is an irregular that wasn’t originally from the labyrinth.
According to Vermut Nee-san, he probably lost a turf war and was forced to come here.
Such a terrifying monster was defeated. I thought that this world is scary once again.

Well, aside from that.
After killing a lot of monsters, my strength rose considerably compared to me from two months ago.
The explanation is simple when a monster like me defeats another monster, a part of its magic power will transfer to me.
By doing so, the magic power will eventually exceed the amount my body can contain.
To fix this problem the phenomenon of evolution will occur.
The present me is probably around 30% to 40% full. Even so, the results are noticeable.
Therefore, it’s easy to make a blunder.
As I said before, there is still a lot of dangerous creatures that could take my life.
The probability of me dying to the Lesser Evil is higher than dying to the Black Salamander.
A little carelessness will very easily lead to my demise. That’s how this world works.
I understand my situation precisely.
This is the most important thing Nee-san taught me.
Not getting impatient and arrogant.
Just do it slowly one-by-one.
That is for the best.
That should be for the best……

『Nameless Immortal』(Nameless Undead)
64th Day.
Present Magic Power/Magic Power Containment Limit: 144/352

Gucharito, an unpleasant sound rang from my heart as Rotting Corpse(Zombie) fell to the ground.
I waved my hands several times and shook the stuck putrid flesh from my hand.
…… This is the worst. It clings even to my clothes.
That’s why I hate zombies. Its grotesqueness has no limit and above all, it can’t be defeated with a chop to their neck like Skeleton Soldiers.


In the first place, zombies are totally different from undead me and skeletons.
We are brought to life when the magic power enters our bodies or bones.
On the other hand, a zombie is a parasitic type of monster.
In other words, while it looks like a corpse came back to life it actually is just a Zombie Parasite moving its body.
Therefore, severing their heads is useless, you have to crush their nests in the chest area.
To be frank, I don’t want to touch them at all, but unfortunately, I can’t afford such luxury.
I was somehow able to wipe off the putrid flesh of my sleeves, I look down at the corpse of the zombie.
…… Looking at it again, it’s in a terrible state. From its figure, it originally was most likely a woman.
When a person dies, he will be reduced to a lump of flesh.
And the flesh rots.
I understand. I understand that.

………… How long will I have to carry this on?
This labyrinth is cold. The temperature is always below zero.
But eventually, my body will start to decay.
When will that happen?
Several months later?
Several hours later?
These days, I’m thinking only about this.
Scary. Corruption is ugly.
I understand that impatience won’t do me any good.
However, that fear never disappears.
I crouched down unintentionally.
However, that’s it.
Tears won’t flow from this dead body.
I just kept still for a while.
I pushed my anxiety aside and stood up.
I turn on my heel and resume the hunting.
Because I don’t have the time to stand still.
Quickly, quickly.
I want to regain my living body quickly.

“Nameless Immortal” (Nameless Undead)
66th Day.
Present Magic Power/Magic Power Containment Limit: 195/352

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