Chapter 11

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Today I’m looking for a prey as well and I found my first game, a Departed Soul (Ghost).
These fellows whose outward appearance looks like an ugly curtain, have no mass, therefore, they can attack through the walls and floor.
However, that’s it. Their strength is weak and movement is slow. Intelligence at most at the level of Skeletons.
They may be a little difficult to handle for adventurers, but unfortunately for them, I’m undead.
I’m a corpse that can move thanks to the magic.
In other words, this body has more than enough magic stored inside.
Basically, my attacks will hit even a monster with no mass.
I dashed forward in order to settle the battle quickly.
The ghost notices me and lets out a high-pitched scream.
The ghost’s defense is laughably weak.
It can be said that I who attacks straight on has the best affinity.
I pierce my hand right between the ghost’s eyebrows.
Like a fish stabbed by a harpoon, the ghost flapped around violently for several seconds.
I shake my hand 2, 3 times after pulling it out.
Because my opponent was a ghost, there was no blood, but I developed such a habit after hunting for a while.
The butler clothes Vermut Neesan gave me are certainly a vampire quality product, after getting ripped or after blood spills on them, they self-restore after a while.
But I still can’t get used to the sticky feeling of blood on my hands.

Though aside from temperature I can’t feel anything else so it may be just my imagination.
Well, when my hands become bloody, I just wipe them on my clothes.
Also, Neesan sometimes licks it off.
The sense of touch should be dull, but how to say this, her tongue gives me the chills.
Is it one of the skills obtained through evolution I wonder?

Today is a play day with Vermut Neesan.
No, I don’t quite understand, but it seems it was decided.
From her stories, it seems that she doesn’t have any friends.
Probably because she is way too strong.

When I arrived at the place, there was a door in the wall.
Though I’ve never been to this neighborhood, it seems that this place is Vermut Neesan’s room.
I used the nicely detailed knocker and knocked lightly.
Immediately, a friendly voice told me to come in.
When I open the door and come in, I immediately notice Vermut Neesan who was sitting in the middle of a luxuriously decorated room.
We haven’t met in a few days. Because I got a pocket watch with the butler clothes I should be right on time.
Neesan who is somehow happily grinning let me sit in front of her.

…… Well then, I wonder what will we play today?
While thinking so, Neesan took out a tea and a black and whiteboard.
Is this a chessboard? So this world has this too.
As expected of Vampire Lord. She owns some tasteful toys.

Neesan has some considerable skills. I’m quite skilled at board games myself, but she won with 7 wins and 5 losses.
And now I’m in the middle of combing the winner’s hair.
My fingers aren’t getting stuck at all in her silky smooth blond hair.
Soak the hair with a hairspray…… the content is blood……
Well, she’s a vampire, you can see her fangs when she smiles, the dimension is different.
Although it’s nothing new, this person is a monster. Nah, although I say that, I too am a monster.
But when I think about it, I never saw Neesan sucking blood.
It seems she can drink only human blood. Humans around 20 years are her favorite.
I’m told she sucks them dry. That’s scary.
It’s the first time I feel glad that I’m already dead.

In a hall without monsters, I use one of my hands like a sword.
Though as undead I can’t train my muscles, I was able to at least master my movements.
I look for a movement that enables me easily to attack and repeat that movement earnestly.
The battle method Neesan taught me is extremely simple. Behead or hit a vital spot. One of those two.
Kick to make me access vital spots easier.
If you ask why do I only use a hand like a sword. It’s really simple, it’s my strongest attack.
If it’s only power, naturally the kick is stronger. However, when you talk about sharpness and precision, using a hand like a sword is better.
Neesan told me if that is the case I should practice only the Handsword.
Instead of using awkward kick attacks, I should master Handsword until I’m able to one-hit kill.
Fortunately, from a human and low-class monster perspective, undead’s physical strength is quite high.
If I hit a vital spot, I’m able to one-hit kill even a monster of the same rank.
Furthermore, being an undead enables me to move covertly. Magicians and Priests would be hard to deal with because they can detect me through magic, but against monsters in this area, my stealth is more than enough.
My heat and life detection are very high.
In short, my tactics consist only of Surprise attacks.
In this world, it’s kill or be killed. Until I have obtained overwhelming strength like Neesan, there’s no way I will fight fair and square.
If you win you live, if you lose you die. That’s all.
Neesan told me this. “Use any means necessary to live. I won’t forgive you if you selfishly die.”
In order to repay my benefactor, I will keep on living no matter what.

Until this body regains warmth.
And until I repay Vermut Neesan’s kindness.
I will live no matter what.

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