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Immortal’s Worries and Vampire Princess’s Embrace
In the Eastern parts of Shardia lies a dark zonge called “Mountain Range of Dusk”. A C ranked dungeon called “Labyrinth of Everlasting Darkness” is located at the base of the mountain.
Every adventurer in this region will set a foot in this dungeon as this dungeon serves as a test to divide the “fledglings” from the “adults”.
Although low-class monsters belonging to the darkness element predominates in the dungeon, for humans who can’t see well in the darkness, the monsters might seem twice as tough.
Those who prevail against the chilling darkness will be recognized as Novice Adventurers(Rookies).

“……. Shit…… Let go!”

Deeper parts of the labyrinth.
One youth dressed in deep crimson butler clothes.
He possesses a body in which the blood circulating through its veins doesn’t warm up the body, it’s a body of an Immortal(Undead). Abusive language is unbecoming for his neat and handsome appearances.

He is currently completely surrounded by over 10 Lower Devil(Lesser Evil).
With their ability to hunt in a group, physical strength, magic, and intelligence, they are particularly nasty monsters to deal with in this labyrinth.
These goat-like creatures are laughing in joy.
No doubt that this is an expression they have after a successful hunt.

Their combat capabilities are obvious. If he fought, he would die. Furthermore, he wouldn’t be able to escape after getting captured.
There were no cards the youth could play anymore.
However, he still doesn’t give up. He opens his cold eyes wide and watches the surroundings.

The Devils too, although there is no leeway, they can’t afford to be careless.
They need to overwhelm him with numbers, as the individual combat capability of Undead is superior.
In fact, one of them was done in a little while ago.
Even if they capture him, there’s no doubt that they will still be in danger.

Then, after the continuing the standoff for a while…… The Devils started moving.
Something is coming behind the group in front of the youth.

It’s a lesser evil larger than others.

The youth was convinced that this was their chief.

“……. I’ve caught you.”

The chief says out loud suddenly.
The youth was amazed for a moment, but his expression returned immediately.

“So you could speak. Before you separate the neck from my body, listen to me!”
“Stop babbling you dead fish. Do you not understand your situation, don’t be stupid.”

Its appearances don’t match its intellectual.
No matter if it’s low-class it’s still a Demon, the youth thought.

“…… Tsk. To set up a trap for me, just what are you planning to do?”
“You should already know. It’s revenge for killing my subordinates.”

The youth expected this.
Just recently, Vermut a woman who has evolved from Vampire into a Vampire Lord, a being that can be designated as a Demon King has slaughtered a few Lesser Evil groups.
It must be revenge for that time.

“I will capture you in order to lure that woman and then express her my gratitude…… Let’s see, for starters, I will let that woman give birth in order to reduce the numbers of my lost subordinates. After all, not just that woman, but also thanks to that Hanibal who came here from the mountain range and ate my subordinates, our numbers decreased significantly. Really convenient.”
“…… Sleazebaaag……!!”

Hearing the vulgar words, the youth’s teeth creaked.
He felt anger to the point his cold blood seemed to boil.

“Before getting its servant killed, that monster will obediently surrender. 。The famous Vampire Princess will keep receiving the seedlings of my demons until she repays for my lost subordinates.”
“…… Just see what happens if you lay one of those dirty-looking fingers on Neesan…… I will strangle you all to death……!!”
“Kuku…… So worried about his master. But, what can you do in that state?”

His body is restrained by three Lesser Evils, he is unable to move at all.
No matter how much stronger he is individually, he is no match for such numbers.
Just as the chief said, he can’t do anything.

However, nevertheless.
The youth clawed the stone floor with his fingers and put his whole strength in shaking off those who restricted him.

The possibility of fighting and winning is almost certainly zero.
Even if he wins, he will definitely sustain a large injury.
If that happens, that wound will start decaying.
That is what he himself is most afraid of.

However. It can’t be helped.
He would rather get hurt than bring disgrace to the golden-haired Vampire Princess who saved him.
Or even better.

“…… I won’t go down easily. I will take you all along――”


The moment his fingers which clawed the stone floor entered a small crevice.
The room became filled with unmeasurable anger and everyone froze in place.

“…… What are you doing?”

A voice resounded from behind.
When did she appear in the room, no one knew.
A blonde woman dressed in luxurious clothes and a mantle with a red lining.
Vermut Elsaroad was standing there.

“Nu…… u……!?”

Her anger froze everyone, but the youth in place.
Facing such an overwhelming opponent, even the chief forgot to breathe for a while.

“Release your hands from what is mine. Or do you wish to die?”

Her tone was unusually indifferent.
However, those few words seemed to be able to cut the air.

However, the chief relaxed his stiff body, shook off his fear and said while laughing.

“Fu…… fuhaha! To come to me by yourself how con, convenient! If you don’t want your important servant to die, then behave yourself!!”

Her bright red eyes made a turn between the chief and the youth.
With a small sigh, Vermut said.

“…… What do you want from me?”
“You know what I want! I want to turn you into our meat toilet! The power of demons who inherit your vampire traits, I can’t even imagine! If I had that power, not talking about the labyrinth, the ‘Red Rouge Plains’ even the ‘Mountain Rage of Dusk’, everything will fall in my hands!”

The chief shouts with all his might.
The youth desperately struggles, but he isn’t able to escape.

She stood there without saying anything for a while.
Suddenly, she moved closer to the devils by one step.

She removed the mantle and dropped it on the floor.

“Do as you like.”
“Wha…… Neesan!?”

Vermut said bluntly while fixing her hair.
Chief laughed at the youth who stared with his open wide eyes.

“Hahaha haha! The servant is important after all! It seems that loneliness can win even over the kings, Vampire! Well then, I will generously enjoy the body that doesn’t fall behind the Night Devil(Succubus)’s!”

Chief approaches Vermut with a vulgar smile and a drool on his mouth.
And he stretched his arm in order to touch her.

“…… Before you start, I will tell you something.”

His fingertip touched her cheek.

“I can suck the blood… even with my body.”


Chief’s whole body dried out in several seconds.

When the chief’s body fell down, it didn’t make even the slightest noise.
The remaining subordinates started running in fear.

The youth did not miss this chance.


The moment his restrictions were loosened, he sprang into the air with the power of his right arm.
Then, he cut the necks of two of the three who held him down with his handsword.

The two devils who lost their heads sank to the ground.

“And one more thing.”

She brandished her hands into sharp claws.

“I’m eternal… This body is the same as a corpse’s. You take the right side.”

The youth follows the vampire who is dancing between the enemies.
The Lesser Evil’s group was totally annihilated this time.

“Are you hurt? I’m sorry, I was late.”
“…… I, I’m okay. But Neesan, why are you…..”

Vermut points at the corner of the ceiling while putting on her mantle.
If you looked carefully, you could see a red bat hanging there.

“That’s my fragment. They are all over the labyrinth. Through that, I knew the whole story.”

After saying that, Vermut’s eyebrows lowered.

“This happened because of me. You were in danger because of the people that wanted to bring me down.”
“N, no! It was my fault for falling into their trap, Neesan didn’t do anything wrong.”
“It’s okay. I’m at fault.”

Having a Vampire who is full of pride to lower her head to you is quite rare.
Because he understood that, he was panicking.

“Neesan!? Please raise your head, I beg you!”
“…… I see.”

Vermut raises her head obediently.
However, her facial expression stayed the same. The expression of being the one responsible.
The youth who didn’t know what to do with her just kept staring.

“…… It’s my fault. Because of me, Neesan had to go through bitter experience. It’s my responsibility.”
“I was scared.”

He interrupted Vermut and started talking bit by bit.

“…… Recently, I have been thinking a lot. How long can I stay like this.”
“Before the evolution happens, this body may rot. If it rots, it may be difficult to evolve into something with a living body. I may even lose my intelligence.”

But that’s not all.
Once it rots, it would become ugly.

“Not only that. If I start rotting, Neesan will abandon me. Because I was thinking like that, I was scared and ended up in that situation. I let fellows like that touch Neesan.”

He really felt sorry……
The situation reversed before anyone noticed, the youth was the one who lowered his head.


Vermut showed a surprised expression to those words.


She embraced the youth and kissed him on the cheek.
She patted his head and whispered in his ear.

“It’s okay. Something like that is impossible.”
“…… Nee……san?”
“Besides, I understand. You are close. Your body will hold. There’s no need to be in a hurry.”

The youth who was stiffened until now returned the embrace tightly.
They were affectionate words. It was a gentle gesture.
The uneasiness that swirled inside the youth melted like ice.

“I’m here. I don’t have any reason to abandon you. Therefore, do not worry about anything.”

The Undead was relieved from the bottom of his heart for the first time.

The youth said tiredly while returning the embrace.

“Neesan…… Thank you.”
“It’s fine. Besides――”

You are the one who I was looking for, the one I needed.
Because I was the one who was lonely.

Vermut faint mutters past through.
This didn’t reach his ears.

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