Chapter 72

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Everyone’s Favorite Potechi
“Lord. I have recovered.”
En-san is still laying on the bed, though.
It seems he recovered safely.
His old scales are completely replaced with new.
“En, revival deshu~”
“Right nya~ You have a nice color nya.”
“Nu, respect me!”
Yep, yep.
I’m glad he got better.
“Well then. I should take a look at the wyverns. They must be waiting for me.”
The wyverns have become considerably stronger.
I can tell after the training.
“En-san. I think the wyverns became quite a lot stronger.”
“That’s right deshu~ Ado worked hard deshu~”
“I see, I see. I’m looking forward to it.”

En-san left the room with a joyful expression.

I’m also back in shape.
My body is completely healthy.
Which means… a departure.
I was thinking about leaving the wyverns nest after En-san recovers.
The objective is the 40th floor’s Transfer Gate.
Because of that.
We must move from this 48th floor to the 47th floor.

“Ado, we will be soon continuing our journey so get prepared.”
“Nyanya? Where are you going nya?”
Ado’s and Chiko’s answers were completely opposite.
That reminds me… Chiko came to examine the huge tree.
Then, what is she going to do after that?

“We are leaving for the Transfer Gate on the 40th floor. What about you, Chiko?”
“Nyanya~ I have examined the huge tree plentily nya. Then, I’m going with you nya.”
It seems that Chiko has become our traveling companion.
It will be reassuring having Chiko go with us~
She came up here all by herself after all.

“Which reminds me, how did you come all the way here, Chiko? Through the 40th floor gate?”
“Right nya. It whooshed and I got transferred nya.”
“Does that mean you know the way back to the gate?”
“Leave it to me nya~ I will guide you nya~”
How reliable.
“We will be relying on you.”
“Deshu ne~ Like this, we won’t get lost deshu~”
“Leave it to me nya~”
Chiko makes a satisfied expression.
Her fluffy cat chest pushes out.

“Then, I’m going to inform Waitarou about our departure.”
“Ado will inform too deshu~”
“Me too nya~ In fact, I was helped a lot by wyverns during the examination nya~”
We leave the room.




We arrive at the square.
Waitarou appears after waiting for a while.
Waitarou comes here for a meeting every day at the same time.

I inform him about our departure.
“Tokukawa-sama… you are leaving us at last. I expected that this day would come.”
A slightly overexaggerated Waitarou.
As if someone close to him just died.
Because I have received a lot of help from Waitarou, I thought about giving him something.
“Waitarou, receive this. Hotel charges.”
I hand En-san’s scale to Waitarou.
A material that can buy you a new big house.
A scale of Ancient Green Dragon.
“T, this is… possibly… the phantom Ancient Green Dragon’s… I can’t receive such a great thing.”
“No. I want you to receive it. I will leave it here even if you refuse.”
I say aggressively.
Waitarou won’t receive it.

Waitarou realizes the change in my attitude.
“… Is it alright? Something so expensive.”
“What, it’s not much. You have helped me out.”
“Thank you very much. I will make it my family treasure.”
You don’t have to take care of that to that degree…
I still have several in my item box.
Waitarou looks at it as if it was something divine.

We left the square after receiving endless gratitude from Waitarou.
After all, Waitarou looked like he would burst into tears? if we stayed a tad longer.
I did not want to gather strange attention.
En-san’s scales may be great to that extent.

By the way.
Ado went to tell her playmates that she’s leaving.
The small wyverns made a lot of noise.




When I return with Ado to our room.
“Why deshu?”
I ended up raising my voice after seeing En-san’s worn-out figure.
For some reason, he looks terribly worn-out.
He’s fading away with discouragement.

“Nu. Lord and Ado, huh…”
“En-san, just what has?”
“Fufu. I was affected by the minds of the young wyverns. Their growth was faster than I expected and I became like this.”
Worn-out, but delighted En-san.
He is probably moved by the wyverns’ growth.
“En-san. That…”
“What is it?”
“I intended to leave for the 47th floor, but should we take a break?”
When I look at En-san…
I think it’s necessary to have a brief break.
“Nu. There’s no need. There’s almost no damage.”
Is that so…
The degenerate aura is terrific, though…
Fuu~ I feel relieved.
Apparently, only his appearances are worn-out.
I’m glad that there’s no injury.
However, that’s that.
It’s En-san after all.
I don’t think En-san would get injured, no matter how much stronger the wyverns got.

“However, Lord. How did you strengthen the wyverns so much? Just how did you do it? I’m bowing in front of your abilities, Lord.”
We only played around with potechi as a reward, though…
Apparently, the result was better than En-san expected.
Because I have trained the wyverns for just a few days.
It was difficult for me to notice their growth.
I didn’t notice since I wasn’t with them every day.
“We had various sham battles with potechi as rewards…”
“I see… it was the effect of the beautiful potechi… I see~ I see~ The power of potechi.”

It seems En-san has entered a deep thought mode.
I haven’t done anything special, really.
Was this really the effect of potechi?
I don’t quite understand.

“What is it? En-san.”
En-san looks at me with a serious expression.
He looks tense.
He might have come up with something deep.
Just what on Earth does he want to say?
“I also want some potechi.”
Potechi, huh…
Potechi is it…
I got surprised at what was told.
It was potechi.
Well, they are delicious after all.
Can’t be helped.
En-san didn’t have any recently.

I take out potechi from the item box and hand them to En-san.
“Here you go.”
“Nu. I’m grateful.”
En-san receives the potechi respectfully.
He starts eating with an overjoyed face.
I hear the sounds of crunching.

Kuikui Kuikui
My arm got pulled on.
Ado looks at me with sparkling eyes.
“Goshujin-shama~ Goshujin-shama~”
I understand.
I understand what you want to say.
It transmitted to me.
Ado wants potechi too.
Can’t be helped~
I can’t refuse Ado’s request.
Cuteness is a foul play!
“Thank you deshu~”
I present Ado potechi.
Ado opens the bag and starts eating with an overjoyed face.

Sounds of Ado and En-san crunching potechi.

Good grief.
Everyone loves potechi.

Well, I love them too.
I retrieve potechi from the item box.
And start eating too.


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