Chapter 110

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After That
Suddenly, an enormous thunder fell.
It fell at the location of the spear where Virgo was.
Although we were distanced, we were lucky to escape.

“Is everyone okay?”
“Okay deshu~”
“I’m fine as well nya~”
“Me too.”
It seems everyone is safe.
Particularly En-san, it looks that he didn’t receive any damage.

The place where the thunder fell is destroyed.
The spear broke to pieces, and Virgo’s figure vanished.
There’s no corpse either.

“Is Virgo… dead? Wasn’t he near the spear?”
“I don’t know but, but it wouldn’t be strange if Virgo fell to ashes to the lightning of such power.”
Basa basa basa
En-san removes the dragon mode and comes to our side.
“Nu, it’s as you say. Virgo’s presence has completely disappeared.”
“Does that mean he really died?”
“That seems to be the case. It’s regrettable that I couldn’t end him with my own hands…”
Aisha might not now how she would capture him.
When I asked “Does that mean he really died?” she made a complicated expression.
“Deshu ne~ Thunder is gorogoro deshu~”
“Nya, I am not sure nya, but lucky nya.”
“But, shall we make sure just in case?”
We move to the place where the spear shattered.




Sasa sasa
“There’s nothing as expected.”
“Deshu ne~ Pitch black deshu~”
“Right nya~ This spear has crumbled nya~”
Chiko picks up the spear.
Only the handle part remained.
“Nu. That fellow might be dead after all. Avoiding that enormous thunder would be impossible. I have also seen the moment of impact.”
“That means… That’s right. Looks like he has died.”
“Yes. That seems to be the case.”
“I thought if we kill an enemy that either my power or my body will grow, but… was he really defeated by the thunder?”
“Nu, I don’t feel anything.”
“Ado too deshu~”
“Me too nya~”
“Same here.”
I have a doubtful feeling… he is pretty much defeated with that.
Virgo, a person who can ruin a country has been defeated.
I should consider it a good thing.

What was that? As soon as I thought so.
“Lord, I became hungry.”
It was En-san’s stomach.
He must be quite hungry since he has moved so much.
“Alright, then, shall we have dinner?”
“Deshu ne~”
“Right nya~”
We left the place and thought to have dinner, but before that.
I picked up the pieces of the broken spear.
“Nnya, what are you doing nya~?”
“I might be able to repair it with alchemy so I want to give it a try.”
“I think it would be difficult since it has broken so much, but…”
“Well, I have nothing to lose.”
I put the broken spear fragments into the item box.

When I stealthily appraised it when storing it away, it was broken after all.

Others: Electronic Lance Fragments
Description: Broken weapon. Unusable.

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