Chapter 109

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Sky and Ground 6
Virgo’s mana is depleting.
Spiritualization with Raijuu and the battle has exhausted it.
In addition, the damage he received from the battle is considerably large.
Ancient Green Dragon’s attacks were severe to the extreme.
The special Ki, Dragon Ki can bypass the spiritualization and damage the body.

(Indeed, that dragon’s strength was beyond my expectations. I thought I could win if I spiritualize into Raijuu, but… that was a naive thought. It’s obvious I would run out of mana first.)

When Virgo extended his hand… there was the spear.
He touches the “Electronic Lance”.
Just to be safe, he prepared by piercing this spear into the ground.
If he fought the Dragon, Ancient Species, and the Spirit at the same time, he didn’t know if something would happen.
He didn’t clearly know their power, but he made effective preparations.
This is a sink or swim.
If he doesn’t gamble, he will lose.

Virgo looks up.
Many clouds were floating above in the sky.
He continues to shoot electric shocks in the huge tree through the spear and evaporates the liquid inside.
The evaporated water rises and gathers to create the clouds.

(It’s going well. Besides… it was out of my calculations, but quite a lot of vapor sprang forth in the battle with the dragon. There are more clouds than planned. All that’s left is to put the plan into operation.)

Virgo touches the spear.
And operates the electric current.

He wasn’t just pouring lightning into the huge tree.
It cleverly operated it and manipulated the electric potential of the huge tree’s surface.
It took a long time before he could convert the huge tree’s surface to positive.

His preparations are complete.
With a slight push, the lid will be disconnected, and the surface will overflow with positive potential.

A lot of clouds in the sky.
Rampant water vapor and negative electric potential are being accumulated in the rapidly forming clouds.

Ground nearest to the sky.
The surface of the broken huge tree is collecting positive electric potential.

If it’s like that, the phenomenon that will occur is obvious.
The negative skies and the positive ground.
Electricity flows from minus to plus, no, it’s attracted.
If the balance collapses just a little, a torrent of vast energy, “Thunder” will spring forth.
Virgo strengthens the current flowing from the spear.
He makes the positive potential of the surface boil.


“Positive Thunder!”

Virgo manipulates the spear and the moment he releases the positive potential.


The minus in the sky rapidly moved to the plus of the ground.
In other words, a gigantic thunder dropped at Virgo.

That moment.
Virgo converts into a spirit again.
Virgo became integrated with the thunder with his entire body.
Enormous energy.
A mass of lightning enough to make Virgo himself collapse wrapped around him.

(Gu, I, I can’t afford it to disappear yet…… at this rate… at this rate. At this situation…… I will go…… above.)

Biribiribiri shu~n
Before he would lose consciousness, Virgo jumped up to where lightning connected the ceiling with the surface.

This was Virgo’s aim.
Virgo moves in the lightning.
In order to get close to the source of mana the bunny has mentioned, he unified with the lightning.


After being struck by the lightning.
Virgo’s figure disappeared from the huge tree’s surface.

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