Chapter 108

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Sky and Ground 5
“It’s crackling, isn’t it~”
“Deshu ne~”
“Shall we destroy it first? We should do something as well.”
“Nya, nya, but that’s crackling nya~”
Chiko recalls her lightning trauma and starts trembling.
“However, it was a weapon with a barrier, wasn’t it?”
“Yes. Looking at the surroundings and the place where the spear is stabbed, the barrier is operating even this time.”
“Right now… we can’t depend on En-san. We have to do something about it ourselves.”
“Ado will do it deshu~”
“Nn? Ado will?”
“Leave it to deshu~”
“I will assist you. If you can make an opening in the barrier just for a second, you can leave the rest to me.”
“Then, I’m going deshu~”

Sasa sasa
Ado starts running towards the spear.
Biribiribiri bashan
The lightning comes flying, but…
Hyoi hyoi
Ado dodges.
Quite agile movements.

Sasa sasa
When she approaches the range of the barrier…
Gasha dogon
Ado destroys the ground.
Because it was destroyed violently, a great deal of the stones crashed into the barrier.
The stones get struck by the lightning, and the barrier’s film gets exposed.

“I’m going.”
Shu~n pasu
Before I noticed, Aisha has disappeared.
The next moment.
Aisha was inside the barrier.
It seems to went well.
Aisha approaches the spear and strikes it with her katana.
Gasha gasha gasha
Just like before, the whole barrier starts shaking.
The damage must be accumulating on the spear.

Gasha gasha gasha
After Aisha attacked the spear for a while…

An enormous mass of lightning flew towards Aisha.
Virgo must have noticed our movements.
He had time to attack us even while fighting with En-san.
I shout, but.
The enormous mass of lightning assaults the place Aisha stood at.

The ground was split because of the lightning, but…
“That was close.”
Aisha was standing next to me before I noticed.
It seems she returned with her teleportation move.
“W, welcome back.”
“Yes. However, I was almost able to destroy it, but… how regrettable.”
Looking at it, the spear remained even after struck by lighting.
Well, that’s only natural, it’s a lightning spear after all.
“But, are, wasn’t Aisha immune to lightning?”
“That is… a long story.”
It appears that she can’t negate all lightning attacks.
Ado is safe as well~
“I will do it once again deshu.”
“Certainly, if Virgo is trying to protect the spear, then it would be probably the best to destroy it. I don’t think En-san is going to let him do as he pleases next time.”
The proof of that is.
En-san is trying to separate Virgo from this place while fighting him.
Virgo must have a hard time minding this place while fighting as well.
“Shall we go once more?”
“Deshu ne~”
“Do your best nya~”


Sasa sasa
Ado starts running towards the spear.
Biribiribiri bashan
Lightning comes flying out of the spear, but…
Hyoi hyoi
Ado dodges that.

When she approaches the barrier, Ado hits the ground with all her might.
Gasha dogon
The ground gets destroyed, and stones start scattering.
The barrier shakes.
“I’m going.”
Shu~n pasu
Aisha vanishes.
Before I notice, she stands inside the barrier.
She swings her katana again and attacks the spear.
Gasha gasha gasha
The barrier sways.
Gasha gasha gasha
It will most likely collapse soon as cracks appear on the barrier.

Virgo must have noticed as he fired lightning towards Aisha and the spear.
En-san blocks Virgo’s attack.
Rather, En-san pushes it back.
Virgo’s force seems to have decreased.
But, however.
Without caring about the situation, Virgo rushes towards Aisha.
That spear must be that important.

“Nu, naive. You have shown me an opening.”
Bobo bobo
En-san spits flames.
Virgo eats the flames and falls down to the spear.
The gigantic golden beast has become considerably smaller.
His energy is probably running low.

His power is still evident.
Biribiribiri bashu
He creates a mass of lightning as large as the barrier and aims at Aisha while collapsing.
Shu~n pasu zaza
Dodging Virgo’s lightning attack, Aisha and Ado return to my side.
“I was almost able to destroy it.”
“Deshu ne~”
“But, it was enough.”
“Right nya~ Virgo is at death’s door nya.”
It’s as Chiko said, the golden beast around Virgo has almost completely disappeared.

But, mysteriously, there were no grim feelings coming out of Virgo.
I couldn’t see him as if he has fallen into a predicament.
It’s almost as if he had some kind of a secret plan.

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