Chapter 107

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Sky and Ground 4
“It has been a while since I showed this form.”

Virgo clad in the aura of a gigantic golden beast is facing En-san.
Gigantic dragon and gigantic beast.
It looks like the battle of strange beasts.

“Nu, finally a partner with bones after so long~”
“Those appearances, you are not just an ordinary dragon, are you?”

“That’s right, I’m an Ancient Green Dragon.”
“A~n, to think I would encounter such an enemy… I came to collect the spirit… but you will do too.”

“Nu, you think you can win against me?”
“I have such an intention. I will carve your scales with lightning.”

Biribiribiribiribiribiriiiiiii zudon!!
Lightning attack incomparable to before is released.
“E, evacuation~”
“Run away nya~”
We all escape away from the two.
If we are near, we might get dragged into the fight of two giants.

When En-san spits fire from his mouth…
The fire crashes into lightning, causing an explosion.

“Lightning Bullet.”
Biri biri hyuun hyuun
Many huge lightning bullets are fired at En-san.
“Ho~u. You have quite a lot of tricks.”
En-san spits fire once again and defends.
The lightning bullets exploded.

“A~n. How about this?”
Bowaan sha~zaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
As soon as he released a mass of lightning in the air, it rains down like downpour.

In the fight between the two.
“Everyone, escape.”
We all hide behind a shadow of the huge tree’s leaf.
But, En-san and Virgo’s fight continues.




Because of the fight between the two gigantic creatures, the topography of the huge tree keeps on steadily changing.
I don’t know how long the huge tree can last for.

Biribiribiri~ Zudododododododododo!
Bowa bowa bowaーーーーーーn!<úem>
En-san’s flames.
Collide with Virgo’s lightning, creating explosions in rapid succession.

We watch that spectacle.
Hot wind starts blowing.
“How violent.”
“En is working hardeshu~”
“Nyannya, is this a dream?”
“He’s handling Virgo’s Raijuu, isn’t he…”
Aisha watches the battle with a bitter expression.
She may know something.

“Aisha, do you know that thing Virgo is clad in?”
“Yes. I may have told you before, but it’s a spirit that Virgo stole from our House.”
“Aisha’s House nya~?”
“Yes, however… Raijuu. To think that someone not of our House could handle it to such extent.”
“Nnya, I’ve heard about this nya~ That there are not many people who can handle spirits handed down by Ten Magic Houses.”
“That’s right. Even in our House, there are only a few who could actually contract the spirits… It’s not something anyone can do. Moreover, the cases where you can’t properly exhibit their powers are many. Furthermore, it’s necessary to form a secret contract. I don’t know how Virgo deceived the spirit, but…”
Aisha clenches her fists.
Because it’s originally from Aisha’s House, she might find it unacceptable that Virgo demonstrates such power.

“Aisha, is there a way to defeat that beast?”
“That is… to defeat a spirit of such level, another spirit of the same level is necessary.”
“If we don’t have such a thing?”
“We run away. Spiritualization consumes a tremendous amount of energy, so it doesn’t last for long. Since En-dono is fighting him now, he might be able to exhaust him if it continues. That’s our chance.”
From what I see…
En-san rivels Virgo in power.
It might be best just to wait.
However, to be equal to En-san’s dragon mode… the spirits boast of considerable power.
“Then, let’s await the opportunity nya~”
“Deshu ne~”
“That is so. Let’s watch the battle attentively.”
“Yes. That is for the best. However, I’m worried, after all. How did he make a contract with Raijuu… Moreover, Virgo should know that prolonged fight would be his disadvantage, yet he’s not showing signs of running away.”
En-san continues fighting Virgo.
Virgo doesn’t show signs of escaping at all.

“Virgo might be aiming for something.”
“Yes. We have to find that.”
“Deshuka~ Do we pull out the spear deshu?”
“Spear nya~?”
“That thing deshu~?”
In the direction Ado points her paw… is a spear stabbed into the ground.
The same spear we have seen before.
It keeps on releasing lightning.
Vapor is coming out from its surroundings.

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