Chapter 106

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Sky and Ground 3
“Nu, over there.”
There was a chill simultaneously with En-san’s voice.
This is bad.
“R, run!”
I sense a sign and shout.
Biribiribiri~ Bashu
“Nya~ Nyasu~n!.”
It seems that En-san was hit by a lightning attack.
Shuwa~ black smoke rises from his body.
En-san seems perfectly fine, but Chiko who was on his back screamed.

Sasa sasa
Even though En-san is covered in smoke, he returns to us.
“Nu, this attack, it’s possibly the same spear.”
“Nya, Whatnya~ Where is this place?”
The lightning must have awakened Chiko as she restlessly looks around.
She seems quite startled.
In a “Where is this? Who am I?” state.
Her cat ears and tail are standing tall.
“Chiko, this is above the huge tree. We are chasing after Virgo right now.”
“I, is that sonya? I feel somewhat pricklnya~”
“Nu, my duty goes as far as this, Chiko, get down. You will get hurt.”
Hyoi suta
Chiko gets down from En-san’s back while trembling.
“So, En-dono, where is Virgo?”
Aisha impatiently asks…

“A~n, I’m right here.”
Suddenly, a voice was heard.
Biribiribiri shupa~n
When we turn around a white lightning slash was flying towards us.

“Watch out!”
I immediately shout.
Sasa sasa
We avoid the attack.

Sasa kyorokyoro
It looks like all members were able to successfully avoid.

But, I hear footsteps right away.
Suta suta suta
A silhouette is approaching us from within the mist.
That’s a familiar figure…
“You did well chasing me so far.”
Virgo appears from within the thick mist.
Having slashed with his sword earlier, its blade is crackling with lightning.
“Virgo, how dare you!”
Shu~n pasu
Aisha impulsively jumps out.
Teleportation move.
Before noticing, she appears in front of Virgo.
She immediately assaults him.
At quite the speed.

Aisha’s katana splits Virgo in half.

But, however.

Virgo’s body returns to normal.
There’s not a drop of blood.
The insides of his body are not flesh and bones, but white light.
It’s electricity.
A lump of white light reforms Virgo’s body.

This is… a spirit, huh…

Virgo looks at Aisha with a carefree expression.
“That won’t work against me. I told you. Rather than that, what about you? Shall I check it one more time?”
Sa biribiribiri
Virgo swings his sword.
Aisha dodges the slash, but… the lightning from the sword flies towards her.
Biribiribiri bashu
Aisha got struck by the lightning, but…

“Ho~u. There’s no wound after all. Unscathed after receiving my lightning. Same as before.”
It’s as Virgo says.
Aisha is lively even after getting shocked.
Almost as if she wasn’t attacked at all.

“Nu, Aisha is incredible as well.”
“Whatnya, whatnya~?”
To our surprise, Aisha was unhurt.
She must have some secret.

“But, what about this!”
When Virgo smirks, lightning starts manifesting as far as eyes can see.
A lot stronger lightning than a while ago.
It’s an explosion of light.

Dodododdodododo dogon!
The ground around Aisha suddenly exploded.
Vapor gushed out.
Aisha’s figure instantly vanishes, and she appears in a safe distance.
She has probably moved with the teleportation move, but she has a slight injury.

“As expected, heat and stone are working. Only lightning doesn’t work. In that case, there are countless ways to fight. I will make you realize the power of thunder.”
Virgo swung his katana and lightning manifests in the surroundings.

Biribiribiri bashu
Dodododdodododo dogon!
Biribiribiri bashu
Dodododdodododo dogon!
Biribiribiri bashu
Dodododdodododo dogon!
The lightning flies and bursts open the ground, releasing the heat.
Stones are scattering around.
A wave of heat and stones wraps the vicinity.
It’s as if a volcano had exploded.

“Nu, no discrimination.”
“Ado, evacuate!”
“Nyanya~ Retreat nya~”
Zaza zaza
We take distance from Virgo.
Aisha also seemed to want to return to us, but because of Virgo’s attack…
She couldn’t move there.
She might not be able to use her teleportation move in these conditions.

“En-san, we have to stop Virgo.”
“Nu, that’s right. I have no choice but to show some seriousness here.”
“Seriousdeshu ka?”
“W, whatnya~?”
“Nu, here I go.”
En-san flies into the skies and…
Powan don
En-san switches to dragon mode.
His body becomes huge.

“H, huge.”
“En-san is big after all, deshu~”
“Right nya~”
When En-san flaps his wings…
A big wind raises and scatters the mist.
Visibility has been restored.
“I will settle it.”
Byuun zudon
En-san charges at Virgo.

But, wait a moment.
En-san, a moment, please.
Aisha is there too, though…
Aisha is next to Virgo…
I immediately shouted before moving.
“Aisha, run!”
Successfully hearing me, Aisha quickly separated from Virgo.

The next moment.
En-san explosively crashed into Virgo.
That energy was so tremendous that it caused an explosion.


Mokumokumoku mokumokumoku~
Cloud of dust appears, the visibility is bad.


Several seconds later.

When the cloud of dust disappeared…
“That was dangerous.”
O, ou.
A familiar voice resounds from nearby.
Aisha has returned to our side.

But, that was only for a moment.
Byuun biribiribiri zudon!
An enormous flash follows after lightning.
The mist that was hanging around completely disappeared and the sight became clear.
In a place little away, En-san and Virgo faced each other.

Virgo’s body must have been blown to the ground by En-san’s attack as dirt is sticking to his body.
But, there are only a few wounds that are being restored by his lightning.

“Dragon, huh… that was close. To receive damage even in the spirit mode…”
“Nu, I’m a dragon. Even if your body is insubstantial, hitting you is simple. Haven’t heard of Dragon Ki before?”
“Dragon Ki… certainly… that thing. One of the ancient techniques, huh? To think there would be someone who could use it in modern times.”

I quite don’t understand, but.
As expected of En-san.
It seems he’s able to physically hurt Virgo who is immune to physical attacks.
With something called Dragon Ki.
“Nyanya, Dragon Ki is a legendary move nya~…” “As expected of En-dono” Deshudeshu~” everyone’s surprised.

“Nu, are you surrendering? You fellow called Virgo.”
“A~n. I won’t do such a thing. Then, I will not hold back anymore as well!”

Virgo swings his crackling, shining katana.


Virgo becomes full of light.
He starts shining.
I understand the colossal energy.

“Nu, gathering energy…”
“W, what is thatnya~”
“En-dono, this is dangerous.”

I feel like I have seen this scene before.
When I fought Virgo before.
But, unlike before, the magnitude of energy is higher.

The light flies up.
Wind and lightning unite, creating a violent storm.
Virgo shouts!

―――”Elemental Enchant, Raijuu!”


A gust of wind raises around Virgo and wraps him in lightning.
It’s different from before.
The scope of energy is different.
This must be original.
Thump I realized.
That this is the overwhelming real deal.
Among the enemies I have met so far, this is the most overwhelming.

The next moment, when the wind and light were released.
Something has appeared in front of our eyes.
That was…

“W, what is that thing…”
“De, deshu, it’s almost as big as En-san deshu~”
“T, that form… After all, the Raijuu Virgo has snatched…”

What appeared in front of us is a gigantic golden beast.

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