Chapter 105

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Sky and Ground 2
Virgo left the dome-like room and arrived at the top of the huge tree.
The highest place on this floor.
He can look all around the floor.

“Bunny, is the mana at the top?”

Pyon pyon
The bunny points its hand at the top.

The ceiling can’t be seen even from here.
The more one looks above, the blurrier the sight becomes.
But, Virgo had an idea.
An idea how to reach the ceiling of the dungeon appeared in his mind.

“Bunny, is there a mana point around here? It doesn’t have to be the same as the one in the room, but a normal one.”

Pyon pyon
The bunny points at a nearby lump.
When he felt the lump, he could feel signs of mana.

(Alright, this might go well. Besides, even if it doesn’t go well… If I have some extent of mana point around, I won’t lose. I have a spirit here)

Virgo moves to the lump.
He stabs the lump with his spear, connecting it directly to the mana point.
Like this, it became possible for him to receiving mana supply continuously.
And then…
Biribiribiri biribiribiri
He pours electricity into the ground.
The whole area instantly begins to shine.

(Fumufumu, I have grasped the terrain of the surroundings. There’s one water vein. In that case, let’s begin)

“Thunder spear!”

Biribiribiri bashu bashu
Electricity burst from the stabbed spear.
The ground begins to be charged with electricity and water vapor leaks from the ground.

Shuu shuu shuu
When the vicinity has begun to be covered by mist.



The ground exploded.
The sap and liquids flowing through the huge tree heated up and turned into vapor inside.
Because it wasn’t possible to contain inside and there was not enough time to expel the vapor, the vapor escaped by exploding the ground.

Shuu shuu shuu
A misty smoke arises.
The water vapor surrounds the area.

Biribiribiri Shuushuu
Biribiribiri Shuushuu
The spear stabbed into the ground keeps pouring lightning, and the vapor keeps on spewing out.
The mist becomes thicker and thicker.

(Fufu. This is fine. Not then, will those fellows come fast, or… will that way be faster…)

Virgo smiles.



Zaza zaza zaza
I ride on Ado’s back on the newly created path.
Then… on the way.

We heard a loud explosion.
The ground shook, and a gust of wind ran past us.
“W, what is it?”
“I wonder?”
I was surprised…
I thought this was a reaction to something big.
“Ado, keep on running. It was probably Virgo. The sound came from ahead.”
“Nu, I’m itching for a fight. My blood is boiling.”
“Me too.”
Zaza zaza zaza
We run through the huge tree.

When we come out of the path… we were outside of the huge tree.
We arrived outside at last.
The state of the surroundings is weird.

Shuu shuu shuu
It’s filled with mist.
Such a thing has not happened in the huge tree yet.
Also, this smell… sweet.
This is…
“The smell of the sap?”
“Nu, I think so too.”
“Deshu ne~”
“I think so too. However, where is Virgo?”
Kyoro kyoro
When I survey the vicinity… my sight is obstructed by the mist.
I can’t see 10m ahead.
“Nu, I feel his presence. That way!”
Sasa sasa
En-san shouts and runs past.
“Ado. Follow En-san.”
Zaza zaza zaza
We follow after En-san and run through the mist.

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